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ARTIS stories

Dive into the best stories of ARTIS and explore the questions of the past and present. ARTIS stories takes place at special locations where stories are hidden that are being brought to life by an ARTIS storyteller.

At the Forest House

Amsterdam's most famous monkey used to play n the lawn in front of the Forest House, just over a hundred years ago. He could jump rope very well. How were monkeys cared for in those days and why was Mafuka so special? You will hear his story on the very spot where he walked around.

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At the Insectarium

In the old food warehouse (now the Insectarium), you learn all about 185 years of food in ARTIS. What did animals used to eat and what do they eat now? And how do you know what is healthy for an animal? The historical stories offer a mirror on the modern ARTIS of today. 

Where ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo
When every Wednesday in May and June
What time Insectarium - at 11 am.
Forest House - at 5 pm.
Language Dutch and English