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Griffon vultures from ARTIS released into the wild

Two young vultures released on Sardinia.

16-4-2018 - Last weekend, two young griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) from ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo were released into the wild on Sardinia. After some hesitation, one by one the birds left their temporary aviary, spread their wings and soared into the sky. 

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ARTIS presents Claudius Schulze exhibition ‘State of Nature’ in the Aquarium

German photographer puts contemporary spotlight on nature.

31-1-2018 - Starting today, ARTIS is showcasing photographer Claudius Schulze, whose exhibition 'State of Nature' is on view at the ARTIS Aquarium. ARTIS and Schulze have joined forces to spark a discussion about how humans experience and treat nature. 

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ARTIS Griffon vultures return to the wild

One of the chicks was raised by a pair of male griffon vultures. The other griffon vulture is the offspring of two vultures in Spain that were wounded in the wild. 

10-1-2018 - Today two young griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) from ARTIS will be sent to Sardinia where they will be released into the wild later this year. The birds hatched in ARTIS in April and May of last year. 

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Abandoned baby gorilla arrives at ARTIS

Introduction of ten-month old gorilla offers best prospect of group life

5-9-2017 - On Wednesday 30 August a young western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) arrived at ARTIS. A ten-month old female, the gorilla was born at Erlebnis Zoo Hannover on 29 October 2016, but shortly thereafter was abandoned by her mother.

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Jaguar cubs at ARTIS leave their den for the first time

The public will be able to see the cubs in their outdoor enclosure occasionally from now on.

9-8-2017 - The two black jaguar cubs born at ARTIS on 28 June have now taken their first steps into the outdoor enclosure. The young jaguars stayed in their den for almost five weeks, spending most of their time sleeping and feeding from their mother. 

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Jaguars born

First jaguar cubs in ARTIS since 1975

29-06-2017 - The spotted jaguar (Panthera onca) has given birth to two black cubs. It is the first time this jaguar gave birth and to ensure they are not disturbed during the critical first days, part of the jaguar enclosure is currently closed to public. The cubs are not visible at present, but you can watch the livestream on the screens in the restaurants at ARTIS. 

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21-06-2017 - ARTIS loves all forms of life. But how should we see life?

Herd displays social bond at opening of elephant enclosure

More space for Asian elephants at ARTIS

13-06-2017 - The three female Asian elephants explored their new outdoor enclosure at ARTIS this morning. The gates opened and they flapped their ears as they stepped into their new living environment.

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Grey wolf cubs born

Born blind and deaf

11-05-2017 - The grey wolves in ARTIS have five cubs. The cubs are born inside the den and stay there for several weeks after birth. When the cubs are about three weeks old they crawl out of the den. The wolf cubs are dark grey at birth and will gradually become lighter in color. Only after a few years they are completely white.

Male seal lion arrived in ARTIS

After four years without a 'beachmaster'

8-4-2017 - Recently, a male sea lion arrived in ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. Sea lions are social animals that live in harems. Male and female California sea lions differ significantly in appearance. Males are substantially bigger than females and are generally dark brown with a lighter belly, whereas females appear more tan coloured.

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False fertilisation of false gharial at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

The world's first successful artificial insemination of a false gharial

17-03-2017 - An artificial insemination of a false gharial (Tomistoma schlegelii) was performed at ARTIS earlier this week. No other attempts at artificial insemination are known to have been performed in false gharials ever before. 

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New enclosure fot the jaguars

Spot the jaguars

20-12-2016 - ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo just opened a new enclosure for the jaguars. Jaguars often live alone. Males and females seek each other out for mating only. The female then gives birth to and raises the cubs on her own. Therefore, the enclosure has the opportunity to separate them. 

Elephant born at ARTIS

Born after 631 days

16-10-2016 - After a pregnancy lasting 21 months, two minutes was all it took for matriarch Thong Tai to deliver her baby Asian elephant on Sunday 16 October at 6:07 pm. This is her fourth calf, and her swiftest delivery to date. Within moments, the calf – a female – was already standing on its own. The first milk, or colostrum, is important because it provides the calf with vital antibodies. The birth of this endangered Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) is an important part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP), of which ARTIS is a member.

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