Visitors’ regulations ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Here you can read the visitors' regulations of ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. The visitor's regulations can also be downloaded in PDF.

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1. Definitions

The following terms are used in these visitors’ regulations:
a. ARTIS: the foundation Natura Artis Magistra in Amsterdam.
b. ARTIS site: the fenced area where the ARTIS-Park, facilities, buildings, the Artisplein (square), museums, animal enclosures and car park of ARTIS are located.
c. Visitor: any person who, with or without the consent of ARTIS, is on the ARTIS site.
d. Regulations: these visitors’ regulations.
e. The Members’ Rooms: the building housing ARTIS Micropia, North Pavilion, South Pavilion (Studio Artis) and ARTIS café-restaurant de Plantage.
f. The Large Museum (ARTIS Groote Museum): the building housing the Large Museum, Kings Reception Room and Tiger Reception Room.
g. Artisplein: the freely accessible square with the Flamingo Terrace, the Dutch Polder Landscape and the Water Table bordering on the Members’ Rooms and the Large Museum.

2. Applicability

By entering the ARTIS site the Visitor accepts the applicability of the Regulations. The Regulations are also connected to any sales or issuance of an admission ticket or a membership.

3. Enforcement

a. In the event of breach or a well-founded fear of breach of these Regulations, ARTIS is entitled to remove the Visitor in question or to deny the Visitor access to the ARTIS site. ARTIS may also do everything that ARTIS considers necessary and/or appropriate, including reporting this to the police.
b. In relation to security and order at the ARTIS site there are visible cameras at various locations. If necessary, images may be used in the detection of any disturbance of order or other undesirable behaviour.

4. Prohibitions

It is prohibited without the express consent of ARTIS:

a. To be on the ARTIS site without valid ID. A valid admission ticket is required for the ARTIS site except on the Artisplein, in café-restaurant de Plantage, North Pavilion and South Pavilion.
b. To park bicycles up against or at the outer fences of ARTIS or to take them onto the Artisplein.
c. To stray outside the designated paths, corridors, rooms and playing fields.
d. To enter animal enclosures or to pass the no entry zone of animal enclosures.
e. To disturb or feed animals in animal enclosures, tap on windows and pens of animal enclosures and place items in animal enclosures.
f. To insert or move body parts or objects through, over, in or under animal enclosures and pens.
g. To enter the laboratory in Micropia.
h. To appropriate, steal, disturb, destroy or damage items belonging to ARTIS or otherwise present on the ARTIS site, including animals, trees, plants, works of art and furniture, as well as removing them from the ARTIS site.
i. To use the items present on the ARTIS site in a manner other than that for which they are intended according to their nature and design, at the discretion of ARTIS.
j. To move around by means of rolling stock such as bicycles, pushbikes, skateboards and/or skates. This does not include wheelchairs, strollers and bikes/scooters for children up to the age of three, as well as cars in the car park.
k. Bring or admit animals onto the ARTIS grounds, or take animals from the ARTIS grounds. Assistance dogs on a lead are permitted under certain conditions. 
l. To behave or dress in an offensive manner, to cause noise, nuisance or otherwise disrupt order at the ARTIS site, all this at ARTIS’ discretion.
m. To smoke in ARTIS-Park, at the entrance area and in Micropia.
n. To hinder staff and volunteers working on the ARTIS site by word and/or deed in the performance of their tasks and activities or to complicate this for them, all this at ARTIS’ discretion.
o. To deposit waste outside the indicated waste bins.
p. To offer goods for sale.
q. To bring balls, balloons, narcotics, dangerous or harmful substances or weapons onto the ARTIS site.
r. To use photo, video, film, audio and other recording equipment, unless intended for private and non-business use.
s. Participate in or organise activities on the ARTIS grounds which generate revenue for third parties.
t. To start fires or otherwise compromise the safety of Visitors and or animals on the ARTIS site directly or indirectly, all this at ARTIS’ discretion.
u. To commit criminal offences or exhibit otherwise socially unbecoming behaviour, all this at ARTIS’ discretion.
v. To stand, swim or bathe in the waters or water features on the ARTIS site.
w. To eat and drink at the Lemur Land, the petting zoo, in the Butterfly Pavilion or Micropia.
x. Leave cars in the car park for more than 24 hours.

5. Mandatory provisions

a. All Visitors are required on first request of the ARTIS staff to present a valid admission ticket and ID card.
b. Every Visitor is required within the framework of general safety to allow the ARTIS staff to inspect bags carried by the Visitor or to carry out a body search.
c. In Micropia bags that are larger than a handbag must be placed in lockers.
d. All warning signs as well as instructions and directions given by ARTIS staff must be strictly and immediately observed.
e. School groups must be accompanied at all times by a sufficient number of escorts in view of the number of students (starting point is 1:5).
f. In buildings housing animals please only speak in a quiet and hushed tone and do not run.
g. All Visitors are required to allow ARTIS to make video or audio recordings on the site. The visitor will not object to use or disclosure of his portrait/likeness by ARTIS, nor request any financial compensation.
h. Do not drive faster than 5 km per hour in the car park.

6. Limitation of liability

The Visitor’s stay at the ARTIS site, as well as the use of the facilities, the animal enclosures, the car park and wheelchairs and/or strollers, is entirely at the Visitor’s own risk.

a. ARTIS is not liable for any damage and/or personal injury unless there is gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of ARTIS or one or more of its staff members, while the damage-causing actions of the relevant staff member took place in the performance of or related to the normal tasks of that staff member.
b. Liability for damage other than damage to corporeal items of the Visitor and bodily injury is excluded, including any consequential damage.
c. Any liability of ARTIS is limited per damage-causing event to the cost of an admission ticket for that Visitor at that time. However, if ARTIS is insured in respect of the damage, liability will be limited to the amount paid out based on ARTIS’ liability insurance in that case, plus the excess that ARTIS must pay in the matter according to the applicable insurance policy or policies.

7. Final provisions

Exclusively Dutch law applies to these Regulations and all related disputes. All disputes in this respect will only be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.