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Are you in your element? That phrase sounds familiar to you and me, but what does it mean to be ‘in your element’? Performing writer INDENAAMVAN and artist Ben Forte explore that question with this musical show. A celebration with nature, after all, we are part of it!

INDENAAMVAN is a perfoming writer who doesn't want to change the world, but does want to change the world of some others. With his new album ‘In Your Element’, he shows how beautiful nature is and that we are part of it! ‘Life is a party, but you have to choose yourself... The right words.’ - INDEPENDENT

Ben Forte is an artist from Utrecht who creates Dutch-language songs about small moments and big emotions. With narrative lyrics and a warm voice, he takes you on his quest for everything that makes this life so beautiful.

Janne Schra en Laurens Radstake

Janne Schra looks back on a long journey through the caverns of the soul and, together with guitarist Laurens Radstake, performs the most heartfelt songs from her oeuvre, complemented by songs from her new acoustic album. Her most personal and introspective album to date. With songs about looking the dragons in yourself straight in the mouth, waiting out the waves of sadness, hitting bottom and dropping off. Songs you can hold on to for a while. 

Janne Schra became known as the frontwoman of Room Eleven and toured the world. Since 2010, she has been making albums and shows under her own name. She received an Edison Jazz, Silver Harp, gold and platinum records.