ARTIS hosts first edition of annual Planetary Health Congress

– June 14, 2023

On July 5, 6 and 7, ARTIS will host the first edition of the ARTIS Planetary Health Congress. Planetary Health represents the inextricable interconnectedness of all life on Earth and how our health depends on it.

This scientific congress brings together experts, researchers and policy makers to discuss Planetary Health challenges and opportunities. Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema and ARTIS director Rembrandt Sutorius will open the congress. 

The Planetary Health Congress will explore how four interrelated pillars Earth, Water, Nutrition and Human Civilization, are related to the health of all earthlings. Each session includes three key notes that lay the foundation for each theme, combined with workshops on Planetary Health education, Movement Building, and Food & Microbes. Representatives from different disciplines come together in one place for optimal cross-pollination. 

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A logical step for ARTIS

Rembrandt Sutorius, ARTIS director; "ARTIS' vision is a livable world for future generations. We believe that the challenges of our time call for an interdisciplinary approach. Only by working together across disciplines can we make a positive impact for the benefit of a healthy planet. For us, but especially for all earthlings and all generations after us. The organization of this Planetary Health Congress is therefore a logical step for ARTIS."

Representatives from different fields 

Professionals from different sectors and disciplines will come together to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas and develop solutions to the challenges facing our planet. Speakers include Pim Martens, Jessica den Outer, Jaap Seidell, Marleen Stikker, Koen Arts and Joyeeta Gupta. 

ARTIS, together with ARTIS professor and microbiologist Remco Kort, is organizing the Planetary Health Congress in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Health Holland, Top Sector Agri & Food and Top Sector Horticulture and Starting Materials.

Planetary Health in ARTIS

In September 2022 the European Hub was established in ARTIS and from autumn 2023 the lecture series "Taking Action on Planetary Health" can be followed in ARTIS.  The 20th edition of the ARTIS Summer Nights is also dedicated to Planetary Health with the opening weekend July 8 and 9 immediately following the conference.

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