ARTIS and Rijksakademie begin selection ARTISt-in-Residence

Call for Rijksakademie alumni from the past five years. – Oct. 18, 2022

The Rijksakademie and ARTIS have a long history of collaboration where nature and art comment on each other. In 2019 they revived their collaboration with a residency programme, which is now going into its second year.

The natural world is currently in the strong focus of our culture due to climate change, discussions about plant, animal, microbe, food, garden and landscape. Anthropocene, colonialism, and the complex relationship between humans, nature, and technology are also part of that spectrum.

Art can and does have a role in helping to translate such themes to a wider audience, and ARTIS wants to provide a venue for this. That is why it runs the ARTISt-in-residence programme where each year one artist can work for eight months at a studio space in ARTIS.


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In this work period the resident should reflect on the role of the natural world in our culture. From a contemporary perspective, he/she/x makes an innovative contribution to the long, vital tradition of both the Rijksakademie and ARTIS. The resident will present his work to the ARTIS public. In addition, the residency also reflects on ARTIS itself. The resident is invited to share the outcomes of its residency, insights, work and research, with ARTIS staff.



As a resident, you will have the abilities to work at a basic studio space at ARTIS (coined the ‘ZOOdio’ by our first ARTISt-in-residence Arvo Leo) from 20 March until 20 November 2023. The resident will have access to the studio during ARTIS opening hours (Monday-Sunday 9:00-18:00).

During your residency

During your residency, you will work autonomously in the ARTIS studio. You can make use of the Rijksakademie's facilities in consultation. You will maintain monthly contact with Jim van Geel (Rijksakademie) and Judith de Bruijn (ARTIS) about the progress of your work and the planning of public events.


For the exhibition and production of work you are expected to raise funds yourself. Naturally both ARTIS and the Rijksakademie will support this by providing corporal information that you need for the application.

What do we offer 

•    A private studio including wireless internet at ARTIS.
•    Access to ARTIS.
•    A stipend of €10,078 (€1,166 monthly stipend and €750 basic material workbudget).
•    Access to technical advice and facilities of the Rijksakademie (at the end of the residency period), in consultation.
•    Exchange and collaboration with ARTIS-staff.
•    Public moments at ARTIS to show your work / progress to ARTIS-public.

Who can apply for the residency?

Rijksakademie alumni from the last 5 years (those who have finished their residency in the years 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017) based in the Netherlands (the residency does not include housing).

What we find important 

•    Your work has great individuality and artistic quality.
•    Your work is accessible to a broad ARTIS audience.
•    Your work reflects on a topic relevant to ARTIS, namely the role of the natural world in our culture. For example, it deals with the complex relationship between humans, nature and technology, climate change, climate stress, discussions about plant, animal, microbe, food, garden and landscape or colonialism.
•    You are willing and are able to discuss your work with a broad ARTIS audience and present the progress and results in public, for example during Amsterdam ART Week, an Open Studio in ARTIS or an ARTIS Summer Night.
•    You are able to work well with the boundaries of an organisation and understand the context in which you work.

How to apply

Between 18 October 2022 and 21 November 2022, interested artists can apply for the ARTIS residency that starts March 2023.

Application deadline: 21 November (23:59 hours CET).

To apply, please send us: 
•    Visual documentation (a portfolio). Please try to make sure that your portfolio gives us a clear idea about the content and formal aspects of your practice.
•    CV
•    A text of max. 300 words or a short video or audio message of max. 2 min. in which you clarify your motivation for the ARTIS residency and the themes you are working with.
Please send this application to: .


For questions, please contact Jim van Geel, .

Jury Process 

•    The submissions will be judged on visual quality and match with ARTIS by a jury.
•    From these submissions, three candidates will be selected (30 November).
•    The selected artists will create a proposal for their ARTIS residency (19 December).
•    From the three proposals, the jury will choose one candidate. An interview and/or presentation is part of the final round of the selection process (scheduled on 22 December).
The jury is composed of Martijntje Hallmann (Head of Residency/dep. general director Rijksakademie), Virág Szentkirályi (Residency & Programme Coordinator Rijksakademie), Jim van Geel (Public Programme Coordinator Rijksakademie), Rembrandt Sutorius (Director ARTIS), Caroline Verweij (Head of Heritage, Education and Academy ARTIS) and Judith de Bruijn (Art and Heritage specialist ARTIS).