ARTIS lets go of 1.5 meter as of 25 September

– Sept. 17, 2021

The relaxation of the corona measures in the Netherlands that will take effect on Saturday, 25 September, is also good news for visitors of ARTIS! The mandatory 1.5 meter distance will be loosened and ARTIS will be allowed to reopen with full capacity.

Horeca in ARTIS

A corona ticket is only required in the indoor areas. Therefore it is only necessary to present a corona ticket when entering the ARTIS restaurant De Waterkant, de Serre and the Planetarium Café. However, many catering establishments are also open as take-away points and there are plenty of places in the park outside where visitors can enjoy a refreshment. 

Shows at the Planetarium.

Regular shows at the Planetarium are also accessible without a corona admission ticket. To ensure the safety of our visitors, the 1.5 meter distance will continue to apply here with an adjusted capacity. Visitors will be assigned a fixed seat in the auditorium. 

Reserve a starttime online before your visit 

ARTIS is releasing the measures incrementally, therefore it is still necessary to reserve a start time for the time being. The 1.5 meter distance is no longer mandatory, but is still advised. ARTIS will also continue to draw visitors' attention to the basic rules in order to guarantee an enjoyable visit for everyone.

The most important changes for your visit to ARTIS as of Saturday 25 September

  • The 1.5 meter distance is no longer mandatory, but remains an urgent recommendation
  • ARTIS and Micropia will be accessible as walk-through locations without a corona ticket at the main entrance
  • In ARTIS Park, a corona access ticket is only required when entering ARTIS' restaurant the Waterside.
  • Other restaurant locations in the park are all open as take-out points. For more information, go to Eating & Drinking in ARTIS. 
  • The store, interior and walk-through rooms and almost all restrooms are freely accessible. Again, there is no longer a mandatory 1.5 meter distance. Only the restrooms that are part of ARTIS' restaurant the Waterside are accessible upon presentation of a corona access card
  • Reserving a start time is still required. Only ARTIS members, Friends and members of the ARTIS Society can enter at any time without a starting time and upon showing their (membership) pass. They will be further informed about this via the newsletter
  • There are no longer any restrictions on the number of visitors
  • Our Business & Events department will inform existing and new customers about the modified measures for business events. 

For more information, we also refer you to the page Frequently Asked Questions .