Buff-cheeked gibbon in ARTIS, foto ARTIS, Edwin Butter.

ARTIS reorganizes as a result of corona crisis

– Nov. 9, 2020

ARTIS is forced to reorganize. This year's loss of millions as a result of the corona crisis, the uncertain prospects for the next year and possibly years to come, have forced ARTIS to intervene in its organisation. Since last Thursday, the park has been temporarily closed to visitors for the second time this year, which means another financial setback. The number of visitors has halved, which means that the income from ticket sales has more than halved this year as well. All other income, including events, restaurants and room rental, has also dropped dramatically. In addition to various interventions that should reduce costs on the one hand and lead to higher income on the other, ARTIS is going to cut back on its formation in order to bring costs more into line with expenses. This will have consequences for the jobs of 20 to 40 employees. It will become clear in the coming period exactly how many employees this will affect. "I think it's terrible that we have reached this point. As director, this is a black day in my ARTIS-life. Instead of taking steps forward, we are now forced to take steps back. It hurts me that this is affecting colleagues who have put a great deal of effort into ARTIS for years. It's a difficult message, but it's necessary to be able to keep ARTIS for the future. I assume that we can bring ARTIS back to better times," says Rembrandt Sutorius, ARTIS-Director.