Clean air for everyone

ARTIS is an entirely smokefree park – April 4, 2019

ARTIS loves all living things. You can see this reflected in the care for our park, where all visitors can enjoy nature every day, right in the heart of Amsterdam. Caring for nature and the environment includes keeping soil, water and air clean.

Clean air means air free of cigarette smoke. We believe it is important that every child who visits ARTIS is able to play and grow up in a healthy environment. Second-hand smoke is bad for the animals as well. Moreover, smoking has unwelcome effects on a larger scale: the tobacco industry has been jointly responsible for deforestation worldwide for decades.

That is why from today onward, there will be clean air for everyone. ARTIS is an entirely smokefree park. Obviously we hope that this will make you happy. But if it doesn’t, we hope that you will understand. We thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you again soon at ARTIS.