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Wheelchair users

The ARTIS grounds are mostly wheelchair accessible. A limited number of wheelchairs are available at the ticket desk, subject to a  €0,50 €1,00, en €2 security deposit. A limited number of wheelchairs can be reserved in advance, which can be done no later than one day prior to your visit by calling 020 5233 670. 

The car park has five disabled parking spaces, for which regular ARTIS parking fees apply.

Chaperone policy

According to our chaperone policy, all visitors who cannot visit ARTIS on their own may bring a chaperone for free. A regular day ticket to ARTIS can be purchased for the visitor and a free chaperone ticket can be picked up at the ARTIS ticket office for the chaperone on the day of the visit. Please note that this policy doesn't apply to parents of children who can't visit te park unattended, they still need to buy a ticket.

Accessible toilets

ARTIS has accessible toilets at the following locations:

- Planetarium
- Small Mammal House 
- Butterfly Pavilion
- Restaurant de Waterkant
- Micropia (can be reached using the lift)
- Café-Restaurant de Plantage

Children and babies

All toilets are equipped with baby changing stations. It is possible to warm up baby food at the Twee Cheetahs restaurant and the Planetarium café. The little house behind the Camel Field, beside the playground, has a breastfeeding room. You can pick up the key for this room at the ticket office. 

Assistance dogs and other animals/pets

Assistance dogs and/or other animals/pets are not allowed in ARTIS. Many of the animals live in open or semi-open enclosures/cages. Visitors wander among the free-ranging animals in the Bird House, in the Butterfly Pavilion and the Bennett's Wallaby enclosure. Visitors can also see the pelicans and black-tailed prairie dogs in semi-open enclosures. Some animals and birds, such as guineafowl, roam freely through the whole park. In principle, the animals at ARTIS are wild animals and usually not tame. Unfamiliar dogs and/or other animals/pets could cause them to panic.

A special route for visitors with a service dog was designed in cooperation with the Dutch service dog user foundation (Stichting Gebruikers Assistentiehonden). This route respects the safety of both service dogs and the animals at ARTIS. Please note that access is only granted to service dogs that have had all the required vaccinations. The route map is available at the ticket booths.

If bringing along a service dog is not strictly necessary, ARTIS recommends bringing along a chaperone for free, to provide access to all of the enclosures and so enjoy the full ARTIS experience.