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Friends of ARTIS

ARTIS is a place where young meets old. It forms a unique green oasis at the core of the city and has served as a backyard to countless generations – including to you, perhaps. Become a Friend now to help ensure ARTIS's continued existence.

What is your dearest memory of ARTIS?

Did you go on a school trip and see a giraffe up close for the first time in your life? Did you go down on one knee near Flamingo Terrace to ask your partner for their hand in marriage? Did you visit with your children each week to watch the Japanese macaques on Monkey Island wash their food? Become a Friend of ARTIS now to make sure that this place full of fond memories and stories will be around for many years to come. 

Friends of ARTIS receive the following benefits:

  • An invitation for you and one guest to visit our yearly Friend meeting at ARTIS;
  • An invitation for you and one guest to attend an annual lecture at ARTIS, given by our ARTIS professor, one of our biologists or our veterinarian;
  • A Friend newsletter through e-mail in which we keep you updated about all the innovations that you contribute to;
  • The triannual ARTIS-magazine, filled with news, stories and photos from the ARTIS-park and ARTIS-Micropia. If you are a member of ARTIS, you already receive this magazine. Please note this magazine is currently only offered in Dutch; we apologize for the inconvenience.

Become a Friend

Ongoing renovation is vital

In a time where the influence of mankind is visible and tangible anywhere on earth, ARTIS wishes to take on a new role. ARTIS wants to offer a place where animals are in close proximity, and where people can experience nature in the center of the city. A place where the relationship between man and nature can be discussed. Ongoing renewal is vital in order to attend to the environmental issues of our time. We work hard to create more space for the flora and fauna, to generate attention for education and to renovate our monuments. With the help of our Friends, we were able to realize:

  • The new outdoor enclose for the Asian elephants
  • The Ruin for the snow owls and Japanese cranes
  • The island for the black spider monkeys
  • The indoor and outdoor enclosure for the yellow-cheeked gibbons
  • The anoa enclosure






At this moment, the age-old Aquarium is in desperate need of renewal. The salt from the saltwater basins permeated the walls over the course of time, and the salt crystals currently form a great risk. If the walls dry and the salt expands, it will severely affect de structure of the building.  Become a Friend and contribute to a large-scale renovation, so we can save and preserve this monumental aquarium for the future.


Make a structural contribution to the continuation of ARTIS

These are hard times for ARTIS. Even now that we have opened our gates again, and with the recent historic contribution to our lion exhibit, we will have to handle great shortages in the following years. This financial blow is not easy to manage. Your support is of great value for the continuation of ARTIS. For our animal care, the preservation of our monuments, renovations in our park, environmental education, breeding and reintroduction programs and nature conservation.

Become a Friend

Already a member of ARTIS?

Thank you. We would like to welcome you in our park every day. When you become a Friend in addition to your membership, you will support the continuation of ARTIS.

Already a Friend of ARTIS?

Already a Friend? Thank you for your involvement. If you want to increase the amount of your contribution, or secure your donation through a periodic agreement for tax benefits, you can send an e-mail to with reference to your name, address and potential membership number. 

One-off donation

Ofcourse it is also possible to support ARTIS with a one-off donation. Please transfer your gift to account number NL72RABO0162113501 attn. ARTIS.