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Guided tours

There is much to discover at ARTIS. Join the guided tour of ARTIS, or book a private tour of the park for your group. All guided tours at ARTIS are led by a qualified volunteer.

Public guided tour of ARTIS

Discover ARTIS in a different way. Every Saturday and Sunday, tours depart from the Monkey Island at 2pm. Join the guide and enjoy the interesting stories, not only about the animals and their behaviour, diet and care, but also about plants and monuments.

On most weekend days, you can join a 'Guided tour of ARTIS'. On certain days and during special events, there are themed tours. To find out which guided tours you can join, check the daily schedule. All guided tours are available in Dutch and English. It is not necessary, or even possible, to make a booking for a public guided tour.

Private guided tours

Are you visiting ARTIS with a group of eight or more people? You can book a private guided tour in Dutch or English for your group. All of the € 35 fee you pay for the private guided tour goes towards improvements at ARTIS. Currently, when you book a guided tour, you are helping fund the construction of a new enclosure for the buff-cheeked gibbons. Private guided tour requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance; they may be submitted further in advance, too. By planning ahead, you will not have to worry about your chosen date being fully booked. Here are the options:

  • Guided tour of ARTIS

A walk around ARTIS that takes you past remarkable animals and plants, with your tour guide helping you see them from a new perspective.

  • Themed tours

ARTIS has a number of guided tours for different types of groups, ranging from bachelor and bachelorette parties to company excursions. For groups of colleagues, we focus on leadership, communication and cooperation in the animal kingdom, for example. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are treated to the mating and birth tour, which focuses on how different species of animals reproduce. The seasonal guided tours are popular, too, as well as the guided tour about homosexuality in animals.

Guided tour request form

You can request a guided tour by filling in this form. Guided tours are offered to groups of 8 to 15 people and must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance.

The evening tour is available only in consultation with