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Trial opening ARTIS on 16, 17, 18 and 30 April

ARTIS will open its gates on Friday 16, Saturday 17, Sunday 18 April and Friday 30 April to participate in the National Government's Testing for Access initiative. ARTIS is pleased that visitors will be able to visit the park, microbial museum ARTIS-Micropia and the Planetarium again after a long time.

reserve your ticket starting April 22

The number of tickets is limited. ARTIS is allowed to receive 5,000 visitors per day during this trial period. Starting Thursday 22 April, you can reserve a ticket and start time via our website.

When visiting, all regular corona measures apply, including 1.5m distance and wearing a face mask in all indoor areas. In addition, it is mandatory from the government, for visitors 12 years and older, to show a negative test certificate upon arrival. This must not be older than 40 hours and can only be obtained from


We recommend that visitors first schedule an appointment for a coronation test before reserving tickets and/or a start time for ARTIS. To do so, visit the website to check the availability of the test locations. 


ARTIS-Micropia will also be open again on Friday 30 April and can be accessed free of charge by visitors to ARTIS. After reserving your ARTIS admission ticket you will receive a unique code by email with which you can reserve a free admission ticket and start time for Micropia. Please book your start time for your visit to Micropia before or after your start time for the ARTIS-Park. In Micropia face masks are mandatory. Note that Micropia is next to the ARTIS-Park, and not inside the ARTIS-gates, so plan your visit to Micropia in a time frame before or after your visit to ARTIS. 

How does it work?

1.    Reserve an admission ticket starting Thursday 22 April on Mijn ARTIS . Don't have a Mijn ARTIS account yet? Go to  Mijn ARTIS and create a Mijn ARTIS account.  

2.    Make an appointment for a test at This is free of charge. You will receive the results by email within an hour.

Please note:

- The test result may not be more than 40 hours old when entering ARTIS.
- Testing is only possible after making an appointment via the link above at a specially designated test site.
- A vaccination certificate, a negative test from another test site or a negative self test do not count as proof of testing for admission to ARTIS.

3.    Download the CoronaCheck app on your smartphone from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android).

4.    Enter the code you received in the email with the test result into the CoronaCheck app: you will then immediately receive a digital test certificate.

5.    Show upon arrival at ARTIS:

- The test proof in the CoronaCheck app (the negative test result). If you don't have a smartphone, you can show the (printed) test result.
- Your entrance ticket to ARTIS

Want to know more about the mandatory pre-testing?

For all questions and answers, visit

About the Test Opening


Why is ARTIS participating in Testing for Access?

First of all, ARTIS is happy that visitors can finally visit ARTIS again after a long time thanks to this pilot. ARTIS would like to see that the park can be open without the measures that go with this trial opening: the mandatory doing of a corona test. ARTIS is primarily an open-air venue and in 2020 it showed that, with all the measures that the park has taken, a safe visit to ARTIS is possible. Therefore, everything is geared towards being able to open 'normally' as soon as possible after this test, without mandatory corona test beforehand. 

What is Testing for Access?

The Tests for Access platform is an initiative of Stichting Open Nederland and the Dutch government. The experiences and knowledge gained during these test events helps the Open Netherlands Foundation to contribute to the reopening of social life in the Netherlands.

Will ARTIS continue with mandatory pre-opening testing after this trial period?

ARTIS would like to see that the park can open without the measures that go with this trial opening: mandatory corona testing. ARTIS is primarily an open-air venue and has shown in 2020 that, with all the measures the park has taken, a safe visit to ARTIS is possible. Therefore, everything is geared towards being able to open 'normally' as soon as possible after this test, without mandatory corona testing beforehand.

Will ARTIS remain open after this test period?

We don't know yet. We are following the government's guidelines on this and nothing is known at this stage.

Why do I have to get tested now while I didn't have to before?

ARTIS is delighted with the opportunity to reopen the gates of ARTIS to visitors. Many visitors have been looking forward to this for a long time. ARTIS believes that a safe visit to ARTIS, mainly an open-air venue, is also possible with the measures we have already taken in 2020. For this short period of three days the conditions set by the government apply. 

About your visit


What are the opening hours during this trial period?

ARTIS will be open according to normal opening hours from 09.00-18.00. Micropia is open to visitors between 11.00-17.00.

What are you doing to keep your visit to ARTIS safe?

ARTIS makes several preparations to make your visit as pleasant and safe as possible. This protocol includes adherence to the 1.5 metre distance, compulsory use of masks by visitors aged 13 and over in indoor areas, a maximum number of visitors per time slot, routing through the park to avoid crowding at bottlenecks, extra cleaning rounds and extra hand-washing points.

Can I visit both ARTIS and Micropia?

Yes, both ARTIS and Micropia will be open during these three trial days. ARTIS-Micropia is accessible free of charge to visitors of ARTIS during these three trial days. After reserving your ARTIS admission ticket you can use a unique code to reserve a free admission ticket and start time for Micropia. You'll receive your code with your ARTIS visit confirmation mail. In Micropia a face mask is required.

Is there a fixed walking route in the park?

The safety of our visitors, staff and animals is paramount. In order to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres, one-way traffic has been created in a part of the park where the paths are narrow. A walking route via signage is also recommended to avoid cross traffic as much as possible.

Are indoor spaces open?

Micropia and the ARTIS Planetarium are open to the public. Also for the animal enclosures, almost all indoor enclosures are open. The Monkey House and the Stek are closed for the time being. Due to restoration, the Aquarium has been temporarily closed since February. In the indoor areas a mouth mask is required for visitors older than 13 years.  

Is the parking lot open?

Yes, visitors can use the ARTIS parking lot in the normal way. You can only pay by the cargo bike next to the exit near the flamingos and Artisplein. You can no longer pay at the ticket office or in the shop. The payment machine on the forecourt is closed as well. You can only pay contactless, not with cash.

Are the catering facilities open?

The cafés and restaurants at ARTIS - the Bakery, the IJssalon, the Serre, 't Frietkot and the Polderhuisje - will be open as take-away locations during these three days. So you do not have to bring your own food and drinks, but you can.

Are the stores open to visitors?

The stores in ARTIS Park and ARTIS-Micropia will be open to visitors during these days. The use of a shopping basket and wearing of a face mask is mandatory in both stores. 

Can I use the children's carts? 

The children's carts are available to visitors. ARTIS asks visitors to bring a 2 euro coin with them, as ARTIS does not currently use cash due to hygiene measures.  

Do you have any other questions for ARTIS concerning this trial opening?

Please fill out the contact form on our website. We will make sure your question is forwarded to the right department.


Questions regarding admission tickets and reserving a start time


Are the opening days within this trial period open to all?

The opening days are open to everyone.

Can I already reserve tickets for after the trial period? 

That is not possible at the moment. Tickets are only available for the trial period as of Thursday, April 22. As soon as we know more about a further opening of ARTIS, we will inform our visitors through our channels.

I would still like to cancel my admission tickets that I bought for this trial period. Is that possible?

It is possible to cancel your tickets up to 24 hours before your start time. Please contact us via the contact form

Can I still change the date and start time after purchasing?

Unfortunately it is not possible to change the date and/or starting time of your tickets after purchase. Changing your reservation is only possible if you unexpectedly test positive for COVID-19 in the 40 hours prior to your visit to ARTIS.

What happens if I test positive? 

You can cancel your start time by filling out the contact form via this  link. After submitting the form your cancellation is final and you will receive a discount code by email. With this discount code you can reserve tickets again at a later time via Mijn ARTIS. 

I have already purchased a ticket for ARTIS. Will this ticket be valid on the three opening days?

Visitors who have previously purchased admission tickets for ARTIS but were unable to redeem them due to the lockdown will receive a discount code from ARTIS. You can enter this discount code in the booking process under the heading 'discount code' to redeem your tickets.  

Can I also book just an entrance ticket and start time for Micropia?

Yes, this is possible. You reserve your entrance ticket and start time for Micropia via Mijn ARTIS .