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Prices and tickets

All the information regarding entrance tickets and prices.

Tickets ARTIS 

Prices March 1, 2024 ARTIS ARTIS-Micropia ARTIS-Groote Museum
Normal (13+ years) € 26,50 online
€ 29,50 at the counter
€ 17,50 € 17,50
Children 3 to 12 years old € 22,50 online
€ 25,50 at the counter
free free
0 to 2 years old free free free
Museumcard - free free
Vriendenloterij VIP-Card - free free
Students € 13,25 online
€ 14,25 at the counter
€ 10,00 € 10,00
Education € 5,00 € 5,00 € 5,00
Zorgkaart € 5,00 - -

Note: it is not longer possible to pay with cash at ARTIS. 

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Combination tickets

Prices March, 2024 ARTIS + museum of choice All of ARTIS 
Normal (13+ years) € 32,50 online
€ 35,50 at the counter
€ 38,50 online
€ 41,50 at the counter
Children (3 to 12 years) does not apply does not apply
0 to 2 years old free free

ARTIS-Micropia ARTIS-Groote Museum






Students of educational institutions may visit ARTIS upon presentation of their student card with photo. The rates for students for ARTIS and Micropia are listed above.

Micropia and Groote Museum
Micropia and Groote Museum have a student rate of €10,00 per person. You are only eligible to use this rate if you can prove you are a student that is enrolled at an educational institution in the current academic year (by means of your student card, for instance). If you are studying abroad, then bring your foreign student card. Student tickets have to be bought online. You have to show your student card with a picture at the gate of the day of your visit.