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Frequently Asked Questions

Entry tickets and online reservations

How and when can I buy tickets?

You can make a reservation/purchase a ticket online at . You reserve the entire day and can enter ARTIS from 9 am to 6 pm.

Do I need to reserve a timeslot to visit ARTIS?

No, you reserve for the entire day and you can enter ARTIS from 9 am to 6 pm.

What are the admission fees?

Have a look at this page for up to date prices.

Can I book with a discount card?

You can visit ARTIS with a discount card from the VriendenLoterij and DekaMarkt, city pass, student card and an NVD pass. 

For whom do I have to reserve a start time?

All ARTIS-visitors are recommended to make a reservation, except for ARTIS Members, Friends and Society Members. They do not need to reserve a date, and can always enter by showing their pass. 

Can I get a refund if I have to cancel my booking?

We are unable to refund timed entry tickets. If you purchased individual tickets, you can book a new date. To do so, contact our customer relations service . Group booking cancellations and/or changes must be made at least one week in advance. Otherwise, ARTIS will charge the full price for admission and catering.

What is Mijn ARTIS and how does it work?

My ARTIS is a members-only account. With this account you can access your member area or take out a membership. Go to  Mijn ARTIS

I'd like to pick up my membership card/'Bring-a-Friend' coupons at the ticket office or pay for my membership at the ticket office. Is that possible?

 You can pay for your membership using internet banking. Your 'Bring-a-Friend' coupons will be sent to your home address and can also be found in Mijn ARTIS. 

Can I pay with cash at ARTIS?

You can't pay with cash at the Park, all payments are contactless in ARTIS.

I am a student, can I go to ARTIS with a student discount?

All students of Dutch and international educational institutions may visit ARTIS with a 50% discount upon presentation of their student card with photo. The rates for students are listed on this  page. It is recommended to book a ticket here . Click on 'Dutch Student' or 'International Student ' to buy a ticket with discount and reserve a date. 

I have a valid IAmsterdam card, can I visit ARTIS with this card?

Yes, you can. Go to  and click on 'Time slot ticket holder' to reserve an additional start time. Please make sure your City Card is valid at the time of your visit.

It is not neccassary to go by the box office with your IAmsterdam card. It will be scanned at the entrance. 

We have a 'zorgkaart'. Can we visit ARTIS?

It is possible to visit ARTIS with a discount. It is recommended to reserve via . Before your visit, visit the registers to confirm your discount, and pay the remaining amount. After this, you can visit ARTIS. During the weekends and holidays the zorg discount does not apply.

Can I visit ARTIS as an ICOM member?

Yes, both ARTIS Zoo, ARTIS-Micropia and the ARTIS-Groote Museum are free to visit as an ICOM member.

Transport to ARTIS

Is the car park open?

The car park is open. Parking tickets are available at the box office of ARTIS, ARTIS-Groote Museum and ARTIS-Micropia, at the car park and the Artisplein. When the car park is full, you may be asked to parked at another spot in the city.

Where do I park my bike?

Along the road of the main entrance, there are a number of bicycle parking spaces. There are also bicycle parking spaces at the beginning of the car park. Do not park your bike outside these spots, you run the risk of it being removed.

Can I take the Culture Ferry to ARTIS-Micropia?

It is possible to reach ARTIS by boat using the Culture Ferry, a sustainable way to explore Amsterdam's cultural treasure trove. Hop off at either the Muidergracht or Entrepotdok stops, both conveniently located near ARTIS. The Culture Ferry sails from April to October on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 9:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Please note: the price of the Culture Ferry ticket does not include admission to the museums, so make sure to have separate tickets for ARTIS. For more information and to book tickets for the Culture Ferry, visit .

Your visit to ARTIS

For how long will I be allowed to stay in ARTIS?

ARTIS is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

ARTIS has a number of wheelchairs available. You can pick these up at the entrance and return them at the exit. It is not possible to reserve a wheelchair. In order to pick up the wheelchair you need 50 cent, €1 or €2.

Is smoking allowed in the park?

No, smoking is not allowed throughout ARTIS Park. Because ARTIS values a healthy and safe (play) place for children and visitors, this smoking ban is in effect in the entire ARTIS Park since April 2019. 

I'd like to buy something in the ARTIS-shop, can I visit without an entrance ticket? 

You can visit the ARTIS shop during your visit, but not without an entrance ticket.

Is the ARTIS-Aquarium open?

The ARTIS-Aquarium is closed for a longer period of time due to a renovation.

Are all catering facilities open?

Opening hours depend on the hustle and bustle of the park. Occasionally catering bicycles are also used.

Am I allowed to leave the zoo during my visit and return later on that day?

In the unlikely event that you want to walk out of the park for a while, it is possible to get a stamp at the register at the main entrance of the Park or service desk to return later that day to re-enter ARTIS.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to ARTIS?

No, it is not allowed to bring a dog or other pets. Only assistance dogs are allowed to enter ARTIS, after they have been registered at the ticket office.

What events are organized in ARTIS?

Take a look at our Daily schedule and activities for updates on what you can do in the ARTIS-Park.

Are children's scooters and balance bikes allowed in?

Children's scooters and balance bikes are only allowed for children up to and including 3 years old. For children from 4 years old it is not allowed to bring scooters or walking bikes into the park. There is a limited number of children's carts available at ARTIS. You can buy a token for €1 at the ticket office or ARTIS shop.

Is there a coat- or bag check availabe?

Luggage can be dropped off in ARTIS at the service desk , right next to the entrance to the Planetarium Cafe. Due to safety measurements ARTIS cannot accept batteries. Lockers are available for visitors in Micropi and the Groote Museum.

Can I book an arrangement with you, e.g. a children's party?

At present, children's parties can't be booked, but certain arrangements and business events can be booked again. You can find more information here

I'd like to become a member or give a gift of membership. How do I do so?

You can take out memberships and gift memberships online at Mijn ARTIS . You can also upload a photo there.

t zijn de verschillen tussen de tickets?


Membership cards will be sent by post. If you need a new Membership card, you can visit the registers at the main entrance.

About the Earthlings Festival

What are the differences between the tickets?

Access to ARTIS Park
✓ Access to ongoing activities from walk to scavenger hunt and workshop. All activities in the park are for young and old. You do not need a separate reservation for this.
! Note: Also accessible with a regular ARTIS-Park ticket.
! Please note: this ticket does not give you access to the programming in the ARTIS Planetarium and the museums.

Everything Earthlings 
✓ Admission to ARTIS-Park, ARTIS-Micropia and ARTIS-Groote Museum
✓ Access to ongoing activities from walks to treasure hunts and workshops. All activities in the park are for young and old. You do not need a separate reservation for these.
✓ Access to inspiring lectures and programmes in the ARTIS Planetarium and the King's Hall in ARTIS-Groote Museum and the Spacebuzz.
! Please note that this programming is suitable for children aged 13 and over. The ongoing activities in ARTIS-Park (regular Earthling ticket) are suitable for all ages though.
! Please note that the lectures and programmes in the ARTIS-Planetarium and the Royal Hall in ARTIS-Groote Museum are in Dutch

What is the difference between a weekend day and a weekend ticket?

A day ticket gives you access to Earthlings on one specific weekend day only and a weekend ticket gives you access to Earthlings for two consecutive weekend days.

With both, you have access to:
✓ Access to ARTIS-Park, ARTIS-Micropia and ARTIS-Groote Museum
✓ Access to ongoing activities from walk to scavenger hunt and workshop. All activities in the park are for young and old. You do not need a separate reservation for these.
✓ Access to inspiring lectures and programmes in the ARTIS-Planetarium, in the Royal Hall of ARTIS-Groote Museum and the Spacebuzz.
! Please note that the lectures and programmes in the ARTIS-Planetarium and the Royal Hall in ARTIS-Groote Museum are in Dutch

As an ARTIS-member, do I have free entry to Earthlings Festival?

Members have free access to the Earthlings Festival's unpaid programming. For the paid programme, members get access at a special reduced rate. For more information, please refer to the ticket street.

As an ARTIS member, can I bring a free introduction to Earthlings Festival?

As a member, you may bring someone for free to the unpaid programmes of Earthlings Festival through the introduce coupons and the usual rules apply.

I am an ARTIS member and bought a ticket for dining at Artisplein. With that, I also get a ticket for Earthlings Festival (regular), but I already have that through my membership. Will I get that money back?

No, you won't get any money in return. You may pass on the Earthlings ticket, allowing you to take someone to ARTIS.

About your visit during the Earthlings Festival

Where in the park is it?

Earthlings Festival takes place throughout ARTIS: ARTIS-Park including the ARTIS-Planetarium, ARTIS-Micropia and ARTIS-Groote Museum. Read the programme carefully to be aware of the locations where your favourite programme part will take place.

What are the opening hours?

The Earthlings Festival is open during regular opening hours. With the exception of Dining on Artisplein.

Hoe lang duurt een bezoek?

Met een Aardbewoners ticket heb je alleen toegang tot ARTIS-Park. Er is tijdens het Aardbewoners Festival veel te zien en te doen, bezoekers brengen ongeveer vier uur door in ARTIS-Park. Het ticket is geldig voor de gehele dag.

Met een Alles Aardbewoners ticket heb je toegang tot het ARTIS-Park, ARTIS-Micropia en ARTIS-Groote Museum. Bezoekers brengen ongeveer vier uur door in ARTIS-Park en voor een geheel museumbezoek 1.5 uur per museum. Alle lezingen vinden plaats in het ARTIS-Planetarium en ARTIS-Groote Museum en duren ongeveer 1 uur per lezing. Zodra de lezing begint sluiten de deuren van de zaal. VOL IS VOL Je mag met je ticket alle lezingen bezoeken binnen je gekozen dag. Het ticket is geldig voor de gehele dag.

How long does a visit last?

An Earthlings ticket gives you access to ARTIS Park only. There is a lot to see and do during the Earthlings Festival, visitors spend about four hours in ARTIS-Park. The ticket is valid for the entire day.  

I have a regular ticket but the ARTIS Planetarium is closed. Will I get a discount?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount. Although the Planetarium is closed, there are more activities than normal ARTIS-Park, such as a listening walk children's treasure hunt and an Earthlings (experience) tour.

My pet is an Earthling too, right? Can I bring it along?

That's right... However, dogs or other pets are not allowed into ARTIS Park. However, assistance dogs are welcome in ARTIS after they have been registered at the ticket office. In addition, it must be possible to show on the dog's ID card that the dog is trained. Furthermore, the dog must be recognisable as an assistance dog by wearing a special harness or cover.

About the Earthlings Festival

What is Earthlings?

From 15 to 23 June, ARTIS is organising the Earthlings Festival for the first time. That week, there will be everything from walks and workshops, to lectures and theatre. It is based on the ideas of Planetary Health: a social movement in which science, politics, business and citizens work together to achieve changes for a liveable world. ARTIS embraces this theme. Here, in the middle of the city, you are literally surrounded by all other life on earth and experience the connection between everything that lives.

What is there to do?

During the Earthlings Festival, everything in ARTIS is about inspiring, discovering, experiencing and doing. There is programming for everyone who wants to understand more about his or her place in the big picture. From toddler to activist, from foodie to philosopher. Find some tips from the festival week's rich programme here. Want to know everything? Keep an eye on social media.

Why is Earthlings called a festival?

ARTIS aims to be a place where the public can come face-to-face with nature in a variety of interactive ways. In order to make Planetary Health known to a wide audience in an interactive and accessible way, ARTIS chooses to organise a festival, where various forms of programmes pass by. In this way, we hope to inspire and activate as many people as possible.

Is the Earthlings Festival a one-off?

No definitely not! The festival will return annually because ARTIS considers this such an important topic

Why is ARTIS organising this?

Nowhere can you experience nature in the middle of the city in its broadest form as in ARTIS.
From micropic life in ARTIS-Micropia to the animals and plants in ARTIS-Park.From the perspective of the earth from the stars in the ARTIS-Planetarium to the perspective of yourself in relation to other earthlings in ARTIS-Groote Museum.