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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated March 7.

Opening hours and regulations

What are the current corona regulations? 

From February 25, it is no longer mandatory to keep 1.5 meters distance from others. You are also not required to wear a face mask or show a Corona admission certificate at the entrance. 

What are the opening hours?

ARTIS is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

Entry tickets and online reservations

How and when can I buy tickets?

You can reserve a start time/purchase a ticket online at . You reserve for the entire day and can enter ARTIS from 9am to 6pm.

Why do ARTIS-members, -friends and -members not need to reserve?

ARTIS could not exist without its friends and society members. The support we have received in the past year underlines this. As a token of appreciation for that unconditional support and flexibility, we are pleased to be the first to give them the opportunity to visit and experience ARTIS again as if it were their own backyard. 
*Society members must have a valid membership card and friends must have a valid ticket. 

What are the admission fees?

Have a look at this page for up to date prices.

Can I book with a discount card discount?

You can book a start time with a discount card from the VriendenLoterij and DekaMarkt, city pass, student card and an NVD pass. Please note that you must reserve a date as ticket holder for this.

For whom do I have to reserve a start time?

All ARTIS-visitors require a reservation, except for ARTIS Members, Friends and Society Members. They do not need to reserve a date, and can always enter by showing their pass. Please also reserve for infants aged 0–2 and for visitors you will be bringing along on a 'Bring-a-Friend' coupon.

I already have an access card for ARTIS, how do I book a ticket?

Even if you already have another entrance ticket for ARTIS, such as a previously purchased e-ticket of a card won or received as a gift, you still have to book a date. This can be done by going to

I've reserved a start time, but won't be able to make it. Can I cancel?

You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance. When you cancel later than these 24 hours, you're at risk to pay €2.50 for the cost of a start time that can't be used anymore. You can cancel by clicking on  this link  and fill in the contact form. After you complete and send this form, the cancellation is final. If you want to visit ARTIS at another day or time, you'll have to reserve a new date yourself. 

What is Mijn ARTIS and how does it work?

My ARTIS is a members-only account starting May 26. With this account you can access your member area or take out a membership. Go to  Mijn ARTIS

I'd like to pick up my membership card/'Bring-a-Friend' coupons at the ticket office or pay for my membership at the ticket office. Is that possible?

 You can pay for your membership using internet banking. Your 'Bring-a-Friend' coupons will be sent to your home address and can also be found in Mijn ARTIS. 

Can I pay with cash at ARTIS?

You can't pay with cash at the Park, all payments are contactless at the moment.

I am a student, can I go to ARTIS with a student discount?

It is possible to visit ARTIS with a discount. You can only use this discount during weekdays and days that don't fall on holidays. Please note: it is obligatory to book a ticket at . Click on 'Dutch Student' to buy a ticket with discount and reserve a date. From 1 January 2021, all students of Dutch and international educational institutions may visit ARTIS upon presentation of their student card with photo. The rates for students for ARTIS and Micropia are listed on this  page.

I have a discount card for ARTIS, can I use it now?

It is possible to visit ARTIS with a discount. Please note: it is obligatory to reserve via . Click on 'Time slot ticket holder' to reserve a date. Before your visit, visit the registers at the entrance to confirm your discount, and pay the remaining amount. After this, you can visit ARTIS. This applies to the discount promotions of VriendenLoterij, DekaMarkt, NVD pass and members of other zoos. 

I have a valid IAmsterdam card, can I visit ARTIS with this card?

You are required to reserve in advance in order to visit ARTIS with your City Card. Go to  and click on 'Time slot ticket holder' to reserve an additional start time. Please make sure your City Card is valid at the time of your visit.

We have a 'zorgkaart'. Can we visit ARTIS?

It is possible to visit ARTIS with a discount. Please note: it is obligatory to reserve via . Click on 'Time slot ticket holder' to reserve a date. Before your visit, visit the registers to confirm your discount, and pay the remaining amount. After this, you can visit ARTIS. During the weekends and holidays the zorg discount does not apply.

Transport to ARTIS

Is the car park open as usual?

The car park is open. Parking tickets are available at the box office of ARTIS and ARTIS-Micropia, at the car park and the Artisplein. When the car park is full, you may be asked to parked at another spot in the city.

Your visit to ARTIS

For how long will I be allowed to stay in ARTIS?

ARTIS is open from 9 am to 6 pm. You can stay as long as you want.

I have a combined membership that includes Micropia. Can I visit Micropia as well?

Yes, you can also visit Micropia. You also need a start time for the microbemuseum. You can book this at . Have a look at all the frequently asked questions on the Micropia website for more information about the regulations in the microbemuseum.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

ARTIS has a number of wheelchairs available. You can pick these up at the entrance and return them at the exit. The wheelchairs will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every use. It is not possible to reserve a wheelchair. In order to pick up the wheelchair you need 50 cent, €1 or €2.

Is smoking allowed in the park?

No, smoking is not allowed throughout ARTIS Park. Because ARTIS values a healthy and safe (play) place for children and visitors, this smoking ban is in effect in the entire ARTIS Park since April 2019. 

I'd like to buy something in the ARTIS-shop, can I visit without an entrance ticket? 

You can visit the ARTIS shop during your visit, but not without an entrance ticket.

Will ARTIS-Micropia also be open? 

You can also visit Micropia after or before your visit to ARTIS. A comination ticket can be bought at . For more information, visit

Is the ARTIS-Planetarium open?

You can visit the ARTIS-Planetarium. Have a look at the Daily schedule to see what shows you can visit. 

Are all indoor locations open?

All indoor locations are open. The ARTIS-Aquarium is closed for a longer period of time due to a renovation.

Is it also possible to visit the shop without an entry ticket?

No, the shop can only be visited as part of a visit to ARTIS at present.

Are the catering facilities open?

Several catering facilities like the Serre, the Bakery (near the lions), the new restaurant De Waterkant and 't Frietkot are open again. Opening hours depend on the hustle and bustle of the park. Occasionally catering bicycles are also used.

What extra hygiene measures will ARTIS take?

ARTIS complies with all safety regulations mandated by the RIVM. The cleaners will carry out more daily cleaning rounds, we have installed extra hand-washing stations and disinfectant is available.

Am I allowed to leave the zoo during my visit and return later on that day?

You can only enter ARTIS if you have a valid start time. In the unlikely event that you want to walk out of the park for a while, it is possible to get a stamp at the register at the main entrance of the Park or service desk to return later that day to re-enter ARTIS.

Am I allowed to bring my dog to ARTIS?

No, it is not allowed to bring a dog or other pets. Only assistance dogs are allowed to enter ARTIS, after they have been registered at the ticket office.

What events are organized in ARTIS?

Some activities and events in ARTIS and the programmes run by the ARTIS-Academy are cancelled. Take a look at our Daily schedule and activities for updates on what you can do in the ARTIS-Park.

Are all the areas in ARTIS open as usual?

The vast majority of the open-air areas in the Park are open per usual. The ARTIS-Aquarium is closed for a longer period of time due to a renovation.

Are children's scooters and balance bikes allowed in?

Children's scooters and balance bikes are only allowed for children up to and including 3 years old. For children from 4 years old it is not allowed to bring scooters or walking bikes into the park.

Is there a coat- or bag check availabe?

Luggage can be dropped off in ARTIS at the service desk , right next to the entrance to the Planetarium Cafe. Lockers are available for visitors in Micropia.

How likely is it that I could infect an animal with the coronavirus or vice versa?

Most walk-through enclosures are opened and walk-through enclosures are altered to prevent contact with animals. In addition, we have placed a perimeter around the enclosures of all animals in a risk category to maintain the requisite distance between visitors and the animals.

Other questions

Can I book an arrangement with you, e.g. a children's party?

At present, children's parties can't be booked, but certain arrangements and business events can be booked again. Please email  for more information.

I'd like to become a member or give a gift of membership. How do I do so?

You can take out memberships and gift memberships online at Mijn ARTIS . You can also upload a photo there. Membership cards will be sent by post. You can reserve a start time for a visit to ARTIS before you receive the card. If you need a new Membership card, you can visit the registers at the main entrance.

Was my membership continued during the time ARTIS was closed?

ARTIS has opened its doors for all visitors since May. ARTIS is very pleased to welcome everyone again. To guarantee the continuity of ARTIS, your membership was continued during the time ARTIS was closed. Adding the missed time of memberships is very costly for ARTIS. During these difficult times for everyone, we ask you to forgo adding this lost time. Your support and donations in the form of a continued membership is very valuable for ARTIS. Naturally, you will be notified timely when your membership is almost ending. You will have 4 weeks before the end date of your membership to notify ARTIS regarding possible changes to your membership. For questions or information you can always contact the box office via mail: or give us a call at 020 5233 670.