Visitors’ regulations ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Here you can read the visitors' regulations of ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. The visitor's regulations can also be downloaded in PDF.

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1. Definitions

The following terms are used in these Visitor Regulations:
a.    ARTIS: Stichting Natura Artis Magistrate Amsterdam.
b.    ARTIS grounds: the enclosed grounds on which ARTIS Royal Zoo, the facilities, the buildings, Artisplein, the museums, the animal enclosures, the service centre and the ARTIS car park are located.
c.    Visitor: any person present on the ARTIS grounds with or without the consent of ARTIS.
d.    Regulations: these Visitor Regulations.
e.    Ledenlokalen (Members’ Halls): the building housing ARTIS-Micropia, the North Pavilion, the South Pavilion (ARTIS-Studio) and café-restaurant de Plantage.
f.    The Groote Museum: the building housing the ARTIS-Groote
Museum, the Kings Reception Room, the Tiger Reception Room and a food and beverage outlet.
g.    Artisplein: the square that is open to the public, including the Flamingo Terrace, the Dutch Polder Landscape, the forecourt and the Water Table bordered by the Ledenlokalen and the Groote Museum.

2. Applicability

By entering the ARTIS grounds, the Visitor accepts the applicability of the Regulations. The Regulations are also attached to every sale or issue of an entry ticket or a membership.

3. Enforcement

a.    ARTIS is entitled to remove the Visitor concerned or refuse access to the ARTIS grounds in the event of a breach or reasonable fear of a breach of these Regulations. In addition, ARTIS may take any action that ARTIS deems necessary and/or useful in response to such an incident, including reporting the incident to the police.
b.    In the interests of safety and order, visible cameras have been installed in various locations on the ARTIS grounds. If necessary, recordings may be used to investigate any disturbance of public order or other undesirable behaviour.

4. Prohibitions

Without the express consent of ARTIS, it is prohibited:
a.    to access the ARTIS grounds without valid proof of identity. With the exception of Artisplein, café-restaurant de Plantage, the North Pavilion, the South Pavilion, the Kings Reception Room, the Tiger Reception Room and the food and beverage outlet, Visitors to the ARTIS grounds also require a valid entry ticket;
b.    to park bicycles against or on the outer fences of ARTIS or take bicycles onto Artisplein;
c.    to enter any areas other than the designated paths, corridors, rooms and playgrounds;
d.    to enter an animal enclosure or the signposted no-entry zone next to an animal enclosure;
e.    to disturb or feed animals in animal enclosures, tap on the windows or fences of animal enclosures or place objects into animal enclosures;
f.    to insert or move body parts or objects through, above, into or under
animal enclosures or outer fences of the enclosures;
g.    to enter the laboratory in ARTIS-Micropia;
h.    to appropriate, steal, disturb, destroy, damage or remove from the ARTIS grounds items belonging to ARTIS or otherwise present on the ARTIS grounds, including animals, trees, plants and plantings, artworks or furniture;
i.    to use to use items present on the ARTIS grounds in a manner other than that for which they are intended by nature and design, at the discretion of ARTIS;
j.    to travel on wheels such as by bicycle, balance bike, skateboard and/or roller blades. This rule does not apply to legally recognised aids, pushchairs or cars in the car park;
k.    to bring or allow animals onto the ARTIS grounds or remove animals from the ARTIS grounds. Assistance dogs on a lead are permitted under certain conditions;
to behave or dress in an offensive manner, generate noise, cause nuisance or otherwise create a disturbance on the ARTIS grounds, at the discretion of ARTIS;
m.    to smoke in ARTIS Royal Zoo, on the forecourt, in Micropia or in the ARTIS-Groote Museum;
n.    to hinder or impede by word and/or deed staff and volunteers working on the ARTIS grounds in the performance of their duties and
activities, at the discretion of ARTIS;
o.    to deposit waste outside the designated waste bins;
p.    to offer goods for sale;
q.    to bring balls, balloons, narcotics, hazardous or irritating substances or weapons onto the ARTIS grounds;
r.    to use photographic, video, film, audio and other recording equipment, except where intended for private and non-business use;
s.    to participate in or organise activities on the ARTIS grounds that generate revenue for third parties;
t.    to start fires or otherwise directly or indirectly endanger the safety of Visitors and/or the animals on the ARTIS grounds, at the discretion of ARTIS;
u.    to commit offences or otherwise behave in a socially improper manner, at the discretion of ARTIS;
v.    to enter, swim or bathe in the waters or
water features in ARTIS Royal Zoo;
w.    to climb on objects, except those located in playgrounds;
x.    to eat and drink in Lemur Land, the wallaby enclosure, the Butterfly Pavilion, the Tropical Greenhouse, the Forest and Bird Houses, ARTIS-Micropia or the Groote Museum;
y.    to leave cars in the car park for more than 24 hours without a
season ticket;
z.    to spend the night in ARTIS Royal Zoo or in the car park, with the exception of Welgelegen Residence bookings

5.    Requirements

a.    All Visitors are required to present a valid entry ticket and proof of identity on demand by ARTIS employees.
b.    In the interests of general safety, all Visitors are required to permit ARTIS employees to inspect any hand luggage carried by the Visitor or to perform a security search.
c.    Luggage larger than a handbag must be placed in the lockers in ARTIS-Micropia and the Groote Museum.
d.    All Visitors must comply with the COVID-19 guidelines and other government guidelines.
e.    All warning signs, as well as instructions and directions issued by ARTIS employees, must be strictly and immediately observed.
f.    Groups of school pupils must at all times be accompanied by a
sufficient number of supervising adults based on the number of pupils (the guiding principle is 1:5).
g.    In buildings containing animals, Visitors should speak with a quiet and calm voice at all times, and running is not permitted.
h.    All Visitors must permit ARTIS to make visual or audio recordings on the ARTIS grounds or have such recordings made. Visitors shall not object to the use or publication of their portrait/likeness by ARTIS, nor shall they demand any financial compensation for such use or publication.
i.    Vehicles must observe the 5 km/h speed limit in the car park.

6. Limitation of liability

a.    The Visitor's stay on the ARTIS grounds and use of the facilities, the animal enclosures, the car park and wheelchairs and/or pushchairs are entirely at the Visitor's own risk.
b.    ARTIS will not be liable for damage and/or bodily injury except in the case of an intentional act or omission or wilful recklessness on the part of ARTIS or one or more of its employees, whereby the loss-causing actions of the employee in question occurred in the performance of, or were related to, that employee's normal duties.
c.    Liability for damage other than damage to the Visitor's tangible property and bodily injury is excluded, explicitly including any form of consequential loss.
d.    For each loss-causing event, any liability on the part of ARTIS will be limited to the entry ticket price applicable to the Visitor in question at that time. However, if ARTIS is insured in respect of the damage, the liability will be limited to the amount paid out under the liability insurance of ARTIS in the relevant case, plus the excess that ARTIS must bear in respect of a claim under the applicable insurance policy or policies.

7. Final provisions

These Regulations and any disputes arising from them shall be governed exclusively by Dutch law. All disputes relating to these Regulations shall be referred exclusively to the competent court in Amsterdam