General Terms and Conditions for ARTIS Park, ARTIS Micropia & ARTIS-Academy Online Ticket Sales

Here you can read the general terms and conditions of online ticket and membership sales of ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. You can also download the general terms and conditions in pdf-file.

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These terms and conditions apply to online purchases of ARTIS Park, ARTIS Micropia and ARTIS Academy tickets and to the reservation of time slots. Online ticket refers to the document that is ordered and paid for on the website of ARTIS ( ) and is printed by the Visitor or is received as a barcode on a telephone and is intended to be used as a ticket to gain admission to ARTIS. 

ARTIS is not responsible for the malfunctioning of the equipment or software used by the Visitor. ‘Visitor’ refers to the person purchasing an online admission ticket/membership.
ARTIS can in no way be held responsible in the event of technical failures of any kind resulting in payments that are not processed and/or authorised, or for which this does not occur in a proper or timely fashion.

Online memberships are subject to the General Terms and Conditions for ARTIS Park & ARTIS Micropia memberships, which are available on our website. 

The following conditions apply to online tickets: 

Visitor regulations

The ARTIS visitor regulations apply to all visits to ARTIS (and are available at the ARTIS and ARTIS Micropia ticket offices and on ). By purchasing a ticket, you accept the rules as set out in the visitor regulations. 


Visitors will not be able to receive additional discounts on the price of an online ticket for admission to the ARTIS Park and/or ARTIS Micropia.

Validity and duration

Following payment on the ARTIS website ( ), you will be entitled to the selected ticket(s) for admission to the ARTIS Park, ARTIS Micropia and/or ARTIS Academy for the reserved time slot (if applicable). 

An online ticket will be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase that is stated on the online admission ticket, unless indicated otherwise. 

An online ticket is only valid if it is printed (colour or black and white) on blank A4 paper without modifications and in a good print quality, or if it is shown on a mobile phone and the barcode can be scanned. Online tickets of which the barcode is damaged, folded, unreadable or only partially visible will be refused and are not valid. 

An online ticket gives visitors admission for a single time to the ARTIS Park and/or to ARTIS Micropia. As such, multiple printouts or copies of an online admission ticket serve no purpose.

Ban on resale of tickets

Online tickets mat not be resold. 

Right of withdrawal and cancellation

Online tickets may be cancelled without notice within 14 days after the date of purchase (reflection period). Please use the cancellation form that is available here. Or email with ‘Withdrawal of purchase of online ticket(s)’ in the subject line, stating your name, the date of purchase, bank account number and your email address. You will then be refunded the full amount of the ticket(s).

Online tickets cannot be returned, exchanged for money or replaced once the reflection period has expired, nor can the period of validity be extended. 

cancellation form

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal include tickets that have already been used and online tickets that have been purchased for a specific date or time slot.

Cancellation reserved time slot

A reservation for a time slot can be changed up to 24 hours by cancelling this time slot via the web form. A new time slot can be reserved via the website.

If you cancel later than 24 hours in advance or in the event of no show, ARTIS will charge a cancellation fee:

  • € 2.50 per unused time slot for regular admission tickets;
  • € 24.00 (2020) per unused time slot for ARTIS members' tickets or other time slots that can be reserved free of charge, € 25,00 per January 2021;
  • € 2.50 per unused ticket for the ARTIS Academy. 

Dispute resolution 

If you have a complaint regarding the purchase of your online admission ticket, you will be able to submit your complaint through the ODR platform. ODR is a form of alternative dispute resolution and is intended for the resolution of disputes between consumers and companies regarding products or services purchased online without the intervention of the court. The submitted complaint will be reviewed by a dispute resolution body.
Please visit the platform by clicking here .


By purchasing an online ticket for admission to ARTIS, you consent to allowing your personal details to be stored in the records kept by ARTIS. ARTIS will use these details to send you the tickets as well as the Newsletter if you have also subscribed to the Newsletter. We are also curious to hear how you experienced your visit and we will be sending you an email containing questions on your visit afterwards. In addition, we would like to make you a special offer to thank you for your visit, regarding which we will also send you an email. 

Online tickets are subject to the ARTIS Privacy Statement. 
The following personal data will be processed and stored: 

ARTIS-Park & ARTIS-Micropia tickets

 - name

- email address

- phone number

 one year

ARTIS-Academy tickets

    - name

- address

- email address

    two years

These details will be used for the following purposes:

  • to send you online tickets and an invitation to download an app by email 
  • to communicate information on ARTIS and/or ARTIS Micropia and to enquire about your visit
  • to communicate special offers on future visits
  • to send your our Newsletters if you have subscribed to them

Your data will be used for product and customer research in anonymised form. 

Changes to general terms and conditions

ARTIS reserves the right to make changes to the general terms and conditions of ARTIS Park & ARTIS Micropia in the interim. Please visit for the most recent version of the general terms and conditions.  


Versie: 07072020