General terms and conditions online ticket and membership sales ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Here you can read the general terms and conditions of online ticket and membership sales of ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. The general terms and conditions can also be downloaded in PDF.

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a. ARTIS adheres to the regulations for careful handling of personal data.
b. The data entered for the purchase of an online admission ticket or an online membership will only be used for the sale of the relevant admission ticket/membership unless otherwise stated.
c. ARTIS is not responsible for the malfunction of the equipment or software used by the Visitor. Visitor refers to the person purchasing an online admission ticket/membership.
d. ARTIS can in no way be held responsible in the event of technical failures of any kind resulting in payments that are not processed and/or authorised or not in a proper or timely fashion.

Online admission tickets

A number of conditions apply to an online admission ticket:

  • Online admission ticket refers to the document that is ordered and paid for on the website of ARTIS ( and is printed by the Visitor or received as a barcode on a telephone and is intended to be used as an admission ticket to ARTIS.
  • An online admission ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase stated on the online admission ticket unless otherwise indicated.
  • An online admission ticket is only valid if it is printed (colour or black and white) on white A4 paper without modifications and of a good print quality, or if it is displayed on your mobile telephone and the barcode can be scanned. Online admission tickets that are damaged, illegible or only partly visible will be refused and are not valid.
  • An online admission ticket gives one admission to ARTIS. Copying or printing an online ticket more than once is therefore pointless.
  • It is not possible to cancel an online admission ticket. Online admission tickets cannot be returned, exchanged for money or replaced and the period of validity cannot be extended.
  • Online admission tickets may not be resold.
  • The bar code on the admission ticket should not be folded or damaged. If it is, the admission ticket loses its validity.
  • After payment of tickets on the ARTIS website ( you have the right to receive the the selected tickets.

Online membership

A number of conditions apply to online membership:

  • Your membership purchased online is valid for one year. At the end of the current membership year ARTIS will allow you to renew your membership by one year by paying the annual rate.
  • If you do not use this possibility, the membership is renewed at the end of the current membership year for an indefinite period of time and you owe the annual rate for your membership. Both parties can cancel membership at any time subject to a notice period of one month.
  • ARTIS reserves the right to make price changes.
  • The ARTIS visitors’ regulations are a condition attached to your ARTIS membership (available at the ticket offices and on By joining ARTIS, you accept the rules as set out in the visitors’ regulations. ARTIS reserves the right to terminate membership if a member, despite being warned, does not observe the visitors’ regulations.
  • The membership and the associated membership card are personal. If your membership card is lost or stolen, you can request a duplicate on presentation of a valid proof of identity. On presentation of a police report, you will receive a new card free of charge at the ARTIS ticket office. In other cases, we will charge you an amount of five euros. Discount coupons cannot be replaced.
  • Termination of membership will take place in the same way as registration for membership. Interim termination during a membership year is not possible.

Objectives of the use of the personal data

Your personal data is stored by us and processed for internal use in order to provide you with the best possible service, with an eye to conducting activities related to customer relationship management, product and service development and customer research. Third-party services may be used to process or analyse the data. The data you send us is stored for as long as necessary with an eye to the objectives described above.

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