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Programme ARTIS Planetary Health Congress

On July 5, 6 and 7, ARTIS is organising the first ARTIS Planetary Health Congress. On this page, you will find all information about the programme. 

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Wednesday, July 5 - Interactive workshop and dinner

On Wednesday July 5 there will be an interactive workshop and a welcome dinner for all congress participants. 

Interactive workshop 

Congress visitors can participate in an interactive workshop ‘ The Future for Planetary Health Cities - The role of political leadership ’ led by Josep Maria Antó. Participants are kindly asked to preregister for the workshop of their choice after having bought a congress ticket. 

Welcome dinner 

The Planetary Health Congress will be kicked off with a welcome dinner on Wednesday July 5 at 6.30 pm. at Restaurant De Waterkant in ARTIS Zoo. All congress visitors are invited. Please note that an additional dinner ticket is mandatory and can be bought with the congress ticket. 

Thursday, July 6 - Planetary Health, Earth and Water

The first day of the congress includes an opening session and will then explore the research themes of Earth and Water. 

●    Opening address - Femke Halsema (Mayor of  Amsterdam) and Rembrandt Sutorius (Director of ARTIS) 
●    Planetary Health - A New Paradigm that Combines the Health of the People and the Planet by Josep Maria Antó 
●    From global health security to Planetary Health solidarity by Alexandre Robert


  • Two sides of the rewilding coin: on the necessity of ecological and human rewilding by Koen Arts 
  • A novel perspective on agroecological transitions by Matty Berg


  • Listen to the Oceans by Hans Slabbekoorn 
  • Climate change and the aquatic microorganisms of lakes and oceansby Jef Huisman
  • Rights for the Wadden Sea by Jesscia den Outer 

Musical performance ‘Symbiosis’ and networking drinks

After the keynote speeches, participants can attend the musical performance Symbiosis in the ARTIS-Planetarium. The piece explores our relation with the microbial world through music and visual projections. Drinks and bites will be provided after the performance, allowing attendees to network and exchange ideas. Yakult is the sponsor of the musical performance Symbiosis.

Friday, July 7 - Food, Humans and interactive workshops 

The second day of the conference explores the research themes of Food and Humans.


  • Planetary Health win-win diet by Jaap Seidell 
  • The transition to a sustainable food systems by Frederike Praasterink
  • Urban Food Hubs as catalysts for healthy cities for humans and non-humans - Worldwide examples, principles and challenges by Marian Stuiver

Lunch workshops

During lunch there will be three parallel lunch workshops. Participants are kindly asked to preregister for the workshop of their choice after having bought a congress ticket. 

  • Planetary Health Education, exploring strategies to promote awareness and action among the public
  • Movement Building, discussing how to mobilize individuals and communities to advocate for planetary health
  • Food & Microbes, will explore the connection between food, microbes and human health. This workshop is sponsored by Yakult.

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  • The need for safe and just Earth System Boundaries by Joyeeta Gupta
  • The More-than-Planet by Marleen Stikker
  • An entangled life with animals and the planet by Pim Martens