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Nature conservation

All ARTIS employees participate in nature conservation. First and foremost, they devote the best possible care and attention to the (endangered) animals, plants and microbes at ARTIS. Educational, research and collaborative activities also help to protect species and their habitats worldwide. Additionally, nature conservation is not viewed as a ‘distant’ concern. ARTIS also cares for the environment here in our own country, city and backyard. 

  • The best care and attention for all animals, plants and microbes – As a zoo, botanic garden and arboretum, ARTIS has a great duty of care to all that lives within the park. The best care for all life is crucial to all decisions made by ARTIS. 
  • ARTIS strives to be a safe haven for vulnerable and endangered animal and plant species - Species live at ARTIS for education and research purposes, as part of species preservation efforts and/or in line with partnerships with environmental conservation projects in natural habitat areas.
  • ARTIS conducts research – ARTIS supports multiple professorships and research projects that generate knowledge on animal welfare, cognitive behavioural ecology, microbiology and biodiversity. ARTIS shares this knowledge with other zoos and conservation organisations, and it enables ARTIS to continually optimise the care it provides to animals and plants. 
  • ARTIS is the most biodiverse location in Amsterdam – ARTIS supports the many native animal and plant species that either live in the park or use it as a resting place. When designing and creating animal enclosures, buildings, gardens and other facilities, ARTIS always makes sure to devote consideration to fostering local biodiversity. 
  • ARTIS collaborates with nature conservation projects worldwide – ARTIS draws the attention of two million visitors per year to the work of global nature conservation efforts and inspires visitors to make their own contributions.