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Heritage and art

ARTIS is 185 years old and one of the 5 oldest zoos in the world, making it a unique and historic location. A place that should be cultivated and preserved, with attention to sustainability. For nearly two centuries, ARTIS has had a rich history in architecture and as a civic association, playing a major role in the city of Amsterdam. ARTIS strives to make visitors to the park aware of this cultural and material heritage.

  • ARTIS is working on restoring the park to its 19th-century city-park structure - ARTIS Zoo contains 26 national monuments and one municipal monument, all of which either have been or will be restored. In 2022, restoration was completed on no fewer than three major national monuments: the ARTIS-Groote Museum, the library and the Volharding building.
  • Full restoration and reopening of the ARTIS-Aquarium – The restoration and renovation of the Aquarium is the largest restoration project ever to be undertaken at ARTIS.
  • Historic heritage collection more accessible to the public by 2030 – ARTIS has a rich cultural heritage collection, consisting of art objects, natural history objects and other historic objects, as well as an extensive archive. By 2030, the collection will be accessible via an open depot in the centre of the park. 
  • ARTIS is a thriving hub for artists – At ARTIS, art and nature have been intertwined for 185 years. ARTIS will continue to fulfil its role as an inspirational location through collaboration with art academies, through workshops (via ARTIS Ateliers) and by supporting the ARTISt in Residence programme.