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Mission and vision

ARTIS's primary goal is for visitors to experience the wonder of nature in all its forms. From the smallest, invisible life forms in ARTIS-Micropia to the rich biodiversity of animals and plants in ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo and the limitless universe in the Planetarium. The ARTIS-Groote Museum shows visitors the interconnectedness of all forms of life.


ARTIS inspires and encourages everyone to treat nature responsibly.


A liveable world for future generations.

ARTIS in 2030 

ARTIS is 185 years old and is now one of the five oldest zoos in the world. ARTIS has also been evolving for 185 years, and the zoo is anchored in collective memory. By 2030, ARTIS will differ in multiple respects from the institution and zoo that it once was. What ARTIS wants most is for visitors to experience the wonder of nature in all its forms, giving every visitor an education and an understanding of our relationship with nature as humans. We are not above nature, but part of it. 

ARTIS teaches that taking care of the living world is synonymous with caring for oneself, for each other and for future generations. ARTIS inspires by telling stories, in order to change perspectives and encourage visitors to take individual responsibility for the environment. Setting a good example is part of this philosophy, and so ARTIS has set itself the target of being climate-positive by 2030.

Five fundamentals

As an environmental organisation, ARTIS contributes to a liveable world for future generations – here in this physical location, in conjunction with millions of visitors, partner organisations, sponsors and members. ARTIS's vision for the future is made up of five key fundamentals: