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Nature conservation project jaguar

ARTIS has supported the jaguar re-introduction project in Argentina since 2013. The goal of this wildlife conservation project is to re-introduce the jaguar, which was once native to Argentine, in the Iberá Provincial Reserve.



The jaguar (Panthera onca) is an endangered species that originally inhabited South and Central America. The largest cat of the Americas, this animal used to inhabit areas including Iberá in the north of Argentina. The jaguar was driven out by large-scale agricultural expansion by humans, which destroyed its habitat.

The project

The re-introduction project takes into account social, scientific and environmental issues. For example, sociological research was conducted in order to ensure support from local communities. This revealed that 95% of the population was in favour of the jaguar's return; they identify with the animal and honour the jaguar.

From early 2016 onward, two jaguars that form a suitable breeding pair have resided in the project's breeding centre in Argentina. If all goes well, they will successfully produce offspring that can be released in Iberá.


Video: The Conservation Land Trust.


Support from ARTIS

GPS collars to track the jaguars were purchased with support from ARTIS. ARTIS is also helping establish 'virtual gates' between local residents and the project. This will enable the community to constantly stay in touch with the project and keep informed about the latest developments. In addition, ARTIS contributed to setting up a renewable energy system in the San Alonso Research facilities near the jaguar breeding centre.

Organisation: The Conservation Land Trust
Animal: jaguar
Location: Argentina
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