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Dinner, party or drinks reception

Dine in the hushed underwater world of the Aquarium or dance with a view of the California sea lions in the Seal Lion Gallery. ARTIS offers a wide range of options for a unique experience.


 Number of people  


Sea Lion Gallery

Party: 250
Dinner: 110 


Blue Star Room

Party: 60 
Dinner: 60 


De Twee Cheetahs

Party: 250
Dinner: 110 



Party: 555 
Dinner: 250


Bamboo Room

Party: 14 
Dinner: 14 


Founders Room

Party: 12
Dinner: 12 


For the complete list of ARTIS venues, see the capacity specifications and rates .

Sea Lion Gallery

Organise your party or dinner in the renovated Seal Lion Gallery in the heart of ARTIS. On the other side of the glass panes, your guests can watch a group of California sea lions swimming past. Use the lighting to create the appropriate atmosphere for your event, or tell your story using the screens on the walls.


Blauwe Sterrenzaal_stoelen_MW_1920x1080.jpg

Blue Star Room

Enter the North Pavilion and walk up the historic staircase. Look through the windows and admire ARTIS Royal Zoo beneath. You stand between heaven and earth in this room. Stars sparkle on the walls and in the chandelier above, while the carpet beneath your feet depicts a world full of animals and plants. 



De Twee Cheetahs

Gather in the Twee Cheetahs restaurant and look out onto the Savannah through the glass walls, or have a drink on the terrace, from where you can see the Asian elephants in the distance in their new enclosure.

The Twee Cheetahs restaurant is named after the two bronze statues at the entrance. From within the restaurant's towering glass exterior, you can see the Savannah, which is home to the reticulated giraffes, Grévy's zebras and greater kudus. 



During the day, visitors embark on a journey through the planets and galaxies; in the evening, the Planetarium is a wonderful location to host your dinner, party or product presentation.

You can create a feast for the eyes featuring colourful animations on an enormous presentation screen, and dance in the centre of the hall on an elevated circular dance floor. Treat your guests to a 360-degree view of your business presentation or product launch on the curved ceiling. Projections and animations can be created just for you.

Your event at ARTIS 

You will be supporting ARTIS as a charity with your event. By doing so, you help ARTIS to encourage the wider public towards a responsible treatment of nature, both now and in future.

For more information or to discuss the possibilities for your event, please call us on +31 (0)20 52 33 584 or send an email to . You can also fill in the application form .