Penguin chicks in ARTIS. Photo ARTIS: Ronald van Weeren.

ARTIS is opening for visitors starting on Ascension day

Advance online reservations compulsory – May 18, 2020

After a successful opening for members, ARTIS is also opening for local visitors starting Thursday May 21st. Prior to the visit, online reservations of a starting time are compulsory on Visiting the park will only be possible with a ticket and a valid reservation. Whilst working with this reservation system, there will be a maximum of visitors present in the park. ARTIS urges visitors not to travel by public transport, but to use different means of transport.

Online reservations

ARTIS has extensively prepared for the opening and has taken the necessary measures. The biggest change is that members must make a starting time reservation online and other visitors should buy a ticket online with a starting time. By doing this, crowds at the main entrance will be avoided. In the park itself, some changes can be a found to guarantee the safety of the visitors, the staff and the animals. For example; some pathways have become one way streets, at multiple locations special stations have been placed that offers visitors a chance to disinfect their hands, and the catering facilities work with distribution points. The toilets are, with some adjustments, still accessible. Microbe museum Micropia remains closed, just like the Planetarium and the indoor- and walkthrough-enclosures.

Now on display in ARTIS

A lot has happened in ARTIS for the past couple of weeks. To name a few things: the introduction plan for the male lion has been successfully completed and the matriarch of the Asian elephant herd has given birth to an elephant bull. The calf and his mother can be seen in the outside enclosure regularly. It has also been a remarkably successful breeding season for the African penguins in ARTIS. A threatened species of whom ARTIS has been the coordinator since the establishment of the European breeding program (EEP). Meanwhile, in the park the edible garden has been planted again; in this garden all temporary plantation (flowers, vegetables and herbs) is edible and will be picked by our zookeepers and fed to the animals daily, as an addition to their daily menu. However, these plants first need some time to fully grow. The first leaves and flowers are expected to be ready to be picked in the second half of June.


At ARTIS we inspire and encourage a broad section of the public to treat nature in a responsible manner. ARTIS exists of a historical city park with 27 national monuments, the internationally award-winning museum ARTIS-Micropia and the ARTIS-square with the neighboring ARTIS-Groote Museum, ARTIS-café restaurant de Plantage and the ARTIS-Studio. ARTIS, which exists from 1838, is a foundation and a officially recognized charity with the CBF-Keur and the ANBI-status. ARTIS loves all forms of life. ARTIS Lives.

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