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What to do

Guided tour of ARTIS

Join a tour guide on a walk through the park and listen to all the remarkable stories about ARTIS. Every monument and work of art has a fascinating history. And no two tours of ARTIS are ever alike. There are always new plants in flower, newly born animals and new species to admire. Our tour guides will tell you about the preferences of each animal and what the zookeepers do to encourage natural behaviours. 

When every Saturday and Sunday at 2.00 pm
  except during holiday periods and special events
  approximately 60 minutes
Where the tour begins in front of the elephant stable


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The zookeeper presents

Come and listen to the zookeeper’s wonderful stories. Talks are given at various times next to animal enclosures and are sometimes combined with feeding or training sessions. All talks are in Dutch, but questions can be asked in English. 

The schedule for the zookeeper presents varies every day. Collect a ‘daily news’ at the entrance and see which tour you could join.