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Stay warm during the winter at ARTIS

Stay warm during the winter at ARTIS. Discover all the indoor enclosures during the scavenger hunt, so you can learn all about how animals cope with cold temperatures, or listen to winter stories about the universe in the ARTIS-Planetarium. Join the special winter tour of the park and warm up with mulled wine in the Serre. 

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Scavenger hunt and winter tour

During the winter scavenger hunt you will discover all the warm indoor winterenclosures and find out how a sea lion stays warm in cold water, and what kind of animal can survive in temperatures down to minus 196 degrees. You can also join the special winter tour of the park, and afterwards warm up with a mulled wine or hot chocolate.


This winter a merry-go-round will also be present in the park, which is almost as old as ARTIS itself. This authentic attraction, filled with lights, is located in front of the aviaries of the Monkey- and Bird House. You can take a ride for €2.00. 


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Winter stargazing at the Planetarium and icy water bears at Micropia

Are you curious about the astronomical background of Christmas, and if the universe looks different during the winter? Find out during one of the live shows in the Planetarium. Check the Daily Schedule for current times and dates of these winter shows. 

Get warm and cozy in the world's only microbe museum ARTIS-Micropia. For humans it is nice and warm in the museum, but many microbes do not need this to survive. In fact, a water bear can even survive in a temperature of -270 degrees Celsius. All children up to 12 years of age can enter for free. Adults in possession of an ARTIS-ticket pay only €5 for a visit.

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Warm yourself with winter delicacies

The warm winter atmosphere at ARTIS can't do without wintery smells and tastes. Have typical winter pumpkin- and pea soup at the restaurants, and warm up with a mulled wine at the Serre. At the merry-go-round, various warm delicacies are available on weekends. Warm yourself with hot chocolate, soup, Dutch 'poffertjes' and mulled wine with herbs from the edible garden of ARTIS.

Stay warm during the winter at ARTIS


To Sunday 6 March .

What time

On weekdays and on weekends: open until 17:00.

For who 

Stay warm during the winter at ARTIS is suitable for all ages. The winter scavenger hunt, winter themd guided tours, and special ARTIS-Planetarium shows are all available in both Dutch and English.


Stay warm during the winter at ARTIS can be visited with a regular ARTIS admission ticket. Admission for ARTIS members is free.


All children up to 12 years old can enter the ARTIS-Micropia microbe museum for free. Adults in possession of an ARTIS-ticket pay only €5 for a visit to the museum.