New horizons

Dive into the mystery behind dark matter, multiverses and black holes at the ARTIS Planetarium.

In collaboration with the renowned astronomical research center GRAPPA (Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics Amsterdam) light will be shed on a dark and mostly unknown universe. Several speakers try to unravel the riddles behind these fascinating topics. The evening will be moderated by science journalist and publicist Govert Schilling.

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date Monday 3 July at 19.30 hour
location Planetarium
type lezing
admission regulier / regular €25
leden / members €17.50
studenten / students €20
duration 150 minutes


19:00 - 19.30     Walk-in with coffee & tea

19.30 – 20.45    


By Gianfranco Bertone: Professor and director at the Center of Excellence in Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics. He will introduce the field that connects the infinitely large with the infinitely small

Live spaceflight

By Milo Grootjen: head of the ARTIS-Planetarium.  He will take you on a journey to the edges of space and introduce topics like dark matter, dark energy, the scale of the universe, multiverses and black holes.

Lecture: Future of Cosmology: from the Big Bang to the Multiverse

By Daniel Baumann: professor of Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Science. He works on a wide range of topics in theoretical cosmology. One of the main goals of his research is to uncover the fundamental origin of the structure of the universe. 

Musical Break 

By Arthur Jeffes: English composer, musician, and arctic explorer. He will provide a moment of musical relaxation under the stars. In 2012 he was commissioned by the artist Nelly Ben-Hayoun to write several pieces for the NASA Kepler mission, to be played by the International Space Orchestra.

Lecture: Unlocking the mysteries of black holes

By Sera Markoff: astrophysicist and professor of theoretical high energy astrophysics at the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy, University of Amsterdam. She is a member of the Event Horizon Telescope team that produced the first image of a black hole and researches the major role of black holes in the evolution of the universe by studying the mysterious cosmic rays we detect on earth.

20:45        Break

21.00 - 22.00    Part 2

Lecture: Hunting for dark matter in the laboratory

By Patrick Decowski: professor of Physics at the University of Amsterdam and member of the GRAPPA Research Priority Area. His main scientific interest deals with fundamental properties of neutrinos and dark matter, pursuing various experiments to investigate these particles.

Fulldome film break: Recombination

By Julius Horsthuis: digital & visual effects artist. He started experimenting with fractal animation techniques, creating a unique blend between abstract and cinematic animation. Julius continues to push the limits of fractal immersive art, both in physical spaces as in digital ones. His work contributes to the estrangement of the astronomical realm and the out of our world topics within it. 

Lecture: How artificial intelligence will change of our understanding the Universe 

By Christoph Weniger: associate professor at GRAPPA. His research group is working on improving our understanding of the dark Universe using modern machine learning techniques. Exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) helps us figure out the mysteries of the Universe.