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Frequently Asked Questions opening

What are the opening hours?

ARTIS will open from Thursday May 21 for all visitors. We will be operating as per our regular opening hours: seven days a week: from 9:00 to 18:00. Please note that you will need to reserve a start time online. You can reserve a start time at Mijn ARTIS .

I'm not a member, but i do have a ticket for ARTIS and would like to visit. Can I reserve a start time as well?

From May 21 onwards, reserving start times will also be possible for all visitors.You can reserve a start time at Mijn ARTIS

Why have you adopted a start time system?

The health and safety of our visitors, staff and animals are paramount. These measures have been implemented to ensure that everyone's visit to ARTIS is safe and responsible.

About entry tickets and online reservations

For whom do I have to reserve a start time?

All visitors to ARTIS will require a start time. Please also reserve a start time for infants aged 0–2 and for visitors you will be bringing along on a 'Bring-a-Friend' coupon. Start times are being staggered in order to control visitor numbers.

I can't see any available start times. Does this mean I can no longer visit ARTIS?

We will evaluate how busy ARTIS is on a daily basis and are keen to give everyone an opportunity to visit ARTIS. Consequently, we are currently offering staggered start times every few days, wherever possible. Please keep an eye on the website.

Is it also possible to reserve a start time at the ticket booth and enter straight away?

No, reserving start times is only possible online. The ticket booths are currently closed to prevent crowding. You can reserve a start time at Mijn ARTIS .

I already have an access card for ARTIS, how do I book a ticket?

Even if you already have another entrance ticket for ARTIS, such as a previously purchased e-ticket of a card won or received as a gift, you still have to book a start time. This can be done by creating an account via MijnARTIS . You also have the option to only book a start time, without purchasing a new admission ticket.

How does the distribution of the starting time work?

There is a maximum amount of possible starting times available daily. In this manner, visitors can walk through the park with enough space so it won’t be to crowded in the park. The starting times will be divided between members, ticket holders and tickets received through special discount campaigns on the base of the average number of people in those groups. It could therefore be the case that the starting times for ticketholders are already full, but starting times for members are still available.

I've reserved a start time, but won't be able to make it. Can I cancel?

You can cancel your start time up to 24 hours in advance. When you cancel your start time later than these 24 hours, you're at risk to pay €2.50 for the cost of a start time that can't be used anymore. You can cancel by clicking on  this link  and fill in the contact form. After you complete and send this form, the cancellation is final. We can't reschedule your start time. If you want to visit ARTIS at another day or time, you'll have to reserve a new start time yourself. We advice you to keep an eye on our website for updates for new start times.

Can I be put on a waiting list for a start time or day that's already fully booked?

It is not currently possible to be put on a waiting list for a day that is fully booked. What is Mijn ARTIS and how does it work? Mijn ARTIS is an account for members and visitors. The account enables you to purchase entry tickets/reserve start times online and to become a member. Visit .

I'd like to pick up my membership card/'Bring-a-Friend' coupons at the ticket office or pay for my membership at the ticket office. Is that possible?

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. You can pay for your membership using internet banking. Your 'Bring-a-Friend' coupons will be sent to your home address and can also be found in Mijn ARTIS.

I am a student, can I go to ARTIS with a student discount?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to visit ARTIS with a student discount, as the cash registers are not open. We are investigating how we can process this possibility in our online booking options.

I have a discount card for ARTIS, can I use it now?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to visit ARTIS with a discount as the cash registers are not open. We are investigating how we can process this possibility in our online booking options. This applies to the discount promotions of Stadspas, WNF, Hollandpas, Amsterdampas, Dordtpas, CJP, VVV, NVD pass and members of other zoos.

We've got a Dekamarkt coupon. Can we also use this to reserve a start time?

From 21 May, anyone with a DekaMarkt coupon can visit ARTIS again. Note: it is also mandatory to reserve a start time online with a DekaMarkt coupon. You can reserve a start time on MijnARTIS. Log in and click on ‘ARTIS starttijd voor tickethouders reserveren’ to reserve an additional start time. You can hand in these coupons at ARTIS until Friday 9 October 2020. 

I have a valid IAmsterdam card, can I visit ARTIS with this card?

From May 21, everyone with an Iamsterdam card can visit ARTIS again. However: also with an IAmsterdam card it is obligatory to reserve a starting time online to be able to enter. You can reserve a starting time at Mijn ARTIS . Log in and click on ‘ARTIS starttijd voor tickethouders reserveren’ to reserve an additional starting time.

Why won’t I get the normal 2 euro discount for booking my online starting time?

At this moment, no distinction is made between online tickets and tickets bought at the box office. The box office is currently closed, therefore we use the regular ticket prices for all entrance tickets.

We have a health insurance card. Can we visit ARTIS?

Unfortunately, booking ARTIS visits with a health insurance card is not currently possible. We will be looking into how we can make this possible in due course.

We have an education card. Can we visit ARTIS?

At the present time, you can use an education card to book ARTIS visits and reserve start times. Visit and go to Mijn ARTIS . School visits to ARTIS will be possible as soon as it is fully open to visitors again. Start times will need to be reserved for school groups as well.

About transport to ARTIS

The advice is not to come by public transport. Is there enough space to park my car or bicycle?

The fact that visitors are required to reserve a start time means the zoo will not be as busy as usual. We therefore expect there will be ample space to park your car or bicycle.

Is the car park open as usual?

The car park is open. You can only pay at the ticket machines in the car park or by the cargo bike next to the exit near the flamingos and Artisplein. You can no longer pay at the ticket office or in the shop. The payment machine on the forecourt is closed as well.

Where can I pay for my parking ticket?

You can only pay by the cargo bike next to the exit near the flamingos and Artisplein. You can no longer pay at the ticket office or in the shop. The payment machine on the forecourt is closed as well.

About your visit to ARTIS

When will I be allowed in using my start time?

Your start time is valid for half an hour. To take an example, if your start time is 9:00, you will be able to enter between 9:00 and 9:30 – not before and not after.

I've reserved a start time, but arrived at ARTIS late or early. What do I need to do?

If you have arrived at ARTIS late, we regret that you will no longer be allowed to enter. In such cases, you will have to reserve a new start time. If you arrive early, then we kindly request that you help us keep crowding to a minimum by refraining from waiting in front of the ARTIS entrance gate.

For how long will I be allowed to stay in ARTIS if I reserve the latest start time of 17:00?

ARTIS is open from 9:00 to 18:00. If you reserve the last start time, you will have half an hour for your visit. I also have a Micropia membership.

Can I visit Micropia as well?

Micropia is currently closed. As soon as Micropia reopens, you will be able to visit the museum again. Are the carts for children outside? ARTIS has temporarily withdrawn the carts for hygiene reasons. However, you are permitted to bring your own buggy or pram.

Can I use a wheelchair?

ARTIS has a number of wheelchairs available. You can pick these up at the entrance and return them at the exit. The wheelchairs will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every use. It is not possible to reserve a wheelchair.

I'd like to buy something in the ARTIS shop. Will it be possible to do so at the end of my visit?

You can visit the ARTIS shop at the start of your visit. Papegaaienlaan has been made one-way to reduce crowding. You will therefore no longer be able to pass this way at the end of your visit.

Is it also possible to visit the shop without an entry ticket?

No, the shop can only be visited as part of a visit to ARTIS at present.

Are the catering facilities open?

The restaurants in ARTIS are closed, though some take-away points are open at Kerbert's Lion Terrace, the Twee Cheetahs and the Hazelaar.

Will activities such as zoo keeper talks and shows in the Planetarium go ahead?

No. The required social distancing (minimum of 1.5 metres between people from different households) cannot be maintained during these activities.

Are the toilets accessible?

Both regular and disabled toilets are accessible to visitors in all areas. Fewer toilets are available, however, and only a limited number of people are allowed in at the same time. An ARTIS employee will be stationed at each toilet block to check that it is not too busy. The toilets will also be cleaned more often.

What extra hygiene measures will ARTIS take?

ARTIS complies with all safety regulations mandated by the RIVM. The cleaners will carry out more daily cleaning rounds, we have installed extra hand-washing stations and disinfectant is available.

How will ARTIS ensure that certain areas don't become overcrowded?

ARTIS will limit the number of people allowed into the zoo at any one time. Security staff will conduct additional patrols to keep an eye on visitor flows and ensure that no bottlenecks arise. We have also adapted the routing in the zoo to prevent this. In those spots that would ordinarily be busiest, this has been indicated with signage.

What can I do myself to keep everyone's visit safe?

Comply with the rules. Maintain 1.5 metres distance and do not come to ARTIS if you are experiencing symptoms such as a cold or cough. Wash your hands regularly.

Can I have a picnic on the grass?

This is permitted if the 1.5-metre rule is adhered to.

Am I allowed to leave the zoo during my visit and return later on that day?

You will only be allowed to enter ARTIS with a valid start time, so returning later on that day will not be possible. Due to the limited number of start times per day, booking multiple times per day is strongly discouraged. Refraining from doing so will ensure there are enough start times for everyone.

Will scheduled events still go ahead?

All scheduled activities and events in ARTIS and the programmes run by the ARTIS Academie are cancelled until 1 September.

Will the ARTIS Summer Nights go ahead this year?

No, all events are cancelled. We are looking at rescheduling later on in the year.

For how long am I allowed to stay in ARTIS?

We have based our calculations for start times on a regular average visit of four hours. Are all the areas in ARTIS open as usual? The vast majority of the open-air areas in the zoo are open as usual. The indoor enclosures, walk-through enclosures (Forest and Bird House, Lemur Land, wallaby enclosure, Children's Farm), playgrounds, the Planetarium and Micropia are closed.

Has a route been marked out for this reduced opening?

The safety of our visitors, staff and animals is paramount. We have introduced one-way traffic in sections of the zoo where the paths are narrow in order to facilitate social distancing (1.5 metres between members of different households). In addition to this, we have signposted a route to minimise the extent to which people cross paths. There are clear exits (not near the entrance) to Artisplein by the flamingos and behind the Aquarium and clear routes to the bicycle storage facility and car park have been marked out. Crowd-control staff will also be on hand should visitors require any advice on routes.

I'd just like to come for an hour and only stay and see my favourite animal. Will that be possible?

ARTIS is situated in the city centre and is a place where anyone can enjoy nature. Maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres between members of different households will impact on the extent to which visitors can view the animals. We kindly request that all our visitors show consideration towards each other and bear in mind the limited space at some animal enclosures.

Are children's scooters and balance bikes allowed in?

Children's scooters and balance bikes are not allowed in ARTIS at present. Is there anywhere for me to leave my bags at the moment? Because all indoor locations are closed, there are currently no facilities where bags can be dropped off, nor are there any lockers available.

How likely is it that I could infect an animal with the coronavirus or vice versa?

We have closed all walk-through enclosures to prevent contact with animals. In addition, we have placed a perimeter around the enclosures of all animals in a risk category to maintain the requisite distance between visitors and the animals.

Other questions

Can is see the newborn elephant during my visit?

The Asian elephants can be seen outside regularly. We noticed that the baby elephant is outside a lot during the morning,

Can I still book an arrangement with you, e.g. a children's party?

At present, all activities and events in ARTIS are cancelled, including children's parties, so reserving these is not currently possible. I'd like to become a member or give a gift of membership.

How do I do so?

You can take out memberships and gift memberships online at . You can also upload a photo there. Membership cards will be sent by post. You can reserve a start time for a visit to ARTIS before you receive the card. Taking out membership at the ticket office is not currently possible, nor is it possible to purchase gift vouchers for membership at the ticket office at present. I'm an ARTIS member.

What will happen to the term of my membership?

In order to ensure business continuity, your membership will continue to run during the closure. As always, you will be notified in good time when your membership is due to be renewed and you will then be able to make any changes up to four weeks prior to the renewal date. As adding time to memberships would cost ARTIS a considerable sum of money, we are asking you to forgo the missed time and to regard the period of membership during the closure as a donation to ARTIS.

Until when will your measures remain in place?

The safety of our visitors, staff and animals is paramount. We will continue to adhere to the measures mandated by the RIVM and the government and remain in close contact with Amsterdam city council. We will monitor visitor numbers to the zoo closely. We are keen to open those areas that are currently still closed and to allow more visitors in once this is possible. To this end, we will review the situation on a daily basis.