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Meetings at ARTIS

The North Pavilion has three meeting rooms, each with its own character. Give a presentation under the watchful eye of former directors or have a meeting with gilt-edged bamboo wallpaper as a backdrop. Welgelegen Residence has a special meeting room, too.


Number of people

Bamboo Room

14 people


Founders Room

12 people


Blue Star Room

60 people


For the complete list of ARTIS venues, see the capacity specifications and rates .


Bamboo Room

Give a presentation surrounded by 248 bamboo stems, a veritable wood. The wallpaper was inspired by the bamboo in ARTIS Royal Zoo. The Bamboo Room is suitable for small-scale meetings, dinners or receptions and can be used in combination with other rooms on the ground floor. We can also help you organise your meeting or party to make use of the whole of the North Pavilion.



Founders Room

This was the office of the founder of ARTIS, G.F. Westerman. It has always been used for organising, reflecting and planning for the future. Hold a meeting in the peaceful atmosphere of the Founders Room and take some time to reflect in Artisplein, strolling along the Dutch Polder Landscape. Enjoy lunch in the quaint conservatory with a view out towards the spoonbills.


ZE_Blauwe Sterrenzaal_stoelen_zijkant_1920x1080.jpg

Blue Star Room

Enter the North Pavilion and walk up the historic staircase. Look through the windows and admire ARTIS Royal Zoo beneath. You stand between heaven and earth in this room. Stars sparkle on the walls and in the chandelier above, while the carpet beneath your feet depicts a world full of animals and plants. 


Huize Welgelegen_vergaderruimte_MW_1920x1080.jpg

Your event at ARTIS 

You will be supporting ARTIS as a charity with your event. By doing so, you help ARTIS to encourage the wider public towards a responsible treatment of nature, both now and in future.

For more information or to discuss the possibilities for your event, please call us on +31 (0)20 52 33 584 or send an email to . You can also fill in the application form .