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Nature conservation project Komodo dragon

ARTIS supports the Wae Wuul Reserve Protection Programme for Komodo dragons.


Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) are found on five islands in south-eastern Indonesia, including the Wae Wuul nature reserve on Flores. For decades, Komodo dragons have been adversely affected by the degradation of their habitat, in particular by the expansion of human settlements, deforestation and the increase in agriculture.


The project


 The Wae Wuul nature reserve is a crucial buffer zone for the species and at the same time limits the expansion of settlements in the direction of their natural habitat in Komodo National Park. The project involves organising patrols to combat poaching and illegal logging, informing the local population about the sustainable use of the natural habitat and closely monitoring the numbers of Komodo dragons and their prey in the wild. The local population also receives training in tourism, so that they benefit from the Komodo dragons. An important base for these activities is a sentry post, which was refurbished and put back into operation as part of the project.

Organisation: Komodo Survival Program
Animal: Komodo dragon
Location: Indonesia