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Nature conservation project Asian elephant

From 2008 onward, ARTIS has supported the Awely organisation's project in Manas National Park in India to avoid confrontations between humans and wild animals.



The habitat of the Asian elephant is becoming increasingly fragmented as a result of human settlements, development of new farmland and road construction. As their habitat shrinks, finding food is becoming more and more difficult for these elephants. Consequently, they are increasingly venturing into local farmers' fields and 'harvesting' the crops. As a result, they become a threat to the local population, and the local population becomes a threat to them.

The project

Awely is a French organisation working on behalf of the Asian elephant through activities that centre on preventing confrontations between humans and wild animals. The goal of the conservation project in India's Manas National Park is to keep elephants out of areas inhabited by humans in an elephant-friendly way. For example, they convince farmers to grow crops that do not attract elephants, such as lemongrass, mint and chilli.



Awely is also involved in nature conservation projects in Asia, Africa and South America. Awely's work is guided by the philosophy that conservation activities are only successful when the local population is involved. The organisation focuses on countering two types of threats: the direct confrontations between humans and animals and the effect of human activity on biodiversity and endangered species.

Support from ARTIS

ARTIS has contributed to numerous Awely activities, such as training programmes and workshops for the local population and putting watchtowers into operation. With the help of these watchtowers and torches, amongst other things, farmers are able to keep elephants away from the villages' crops.

Organisation: Awely
Animal: Asian elephant
Location: India