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Nature conservancy organisations

ARTIS also belongs to a number of organisations involved in the conservation of nature.


The  is the international umbrella organisation of government and nature conservancy organisations dedicated to protecting nature and biodiversity.


The  provides support to zoos and aquariums in the area of nature conservation.


The  supports the cooperation between European zoos and aquariums in the areas of education, research and conservation.


The  is the umbrella organisation for the 14 largest zoos in the Netherlands. The NVD member zoos work together closely in the areas of education, recreation, nature conservation and research.


The  is an umbrella organisation with 25 member gardens throughout the Netherlands. Its mission is to contribute to the conservation of plant biodiversity in the context of a sustainable world. ARTIS is a prospective member.


The  is committed to the protection of butterflies in the wild and habitat conservation.  


The  is dedicated to increasing knowledge about trees in both the practical and scientific sense. In addition, the association aims to contribute to the preservation of collections and endangered tree species.


 is a nature conservation fund for zoos. The fund is an initiative of several Dutch zoos and supports projects ranging from small to large that express a passion for nature conservation. Typically, support tends to be of a financial nature; however, the knowledge and experience that the participating zoos have at their disposal is shared on a regular basis, too.