You can visit Winter at ARTIS starting 1 December.

ARTIS organizes Winter in ARTIS

Experience the park from December 1 in winter atmosphere – Nov. 22, 2020

From Tuesday 1 December to Saturday 27 February, ARTIS is all about winter during Winter at ARTIS. The park will be transformed into a winter experience with twinkling lights, an authentic merry-go-round and winter delicacies. With the specially developed Winter at ARTIS-app, visitors discover how nature adapts to the season. Stories about a particular animal species, plant or monument are shown at various locations in the park. For children there is a do-book for sale (€4.95) full of games about winter nature. During the Christmas vacations and weekends there are workshops and the park stays open until 7 pm. All information can be found at

Winter coat or thick layer of fat

Just like humans, many animals and plants have to adapt to the winter. Each species does this in its own way. One gets a thick winter coat, the other a thick layer of fat. Hardy plants even create a natural antifreeze to survive the cold. During Winter at ARTIS you will discover these stories with the special app that can be downloaded for free from 1 December. The app has no fixed route so visitors can walk through the park themselves and discover the highlighted locations. You can walk along one of the rarest trees in the world: the Wollemia-den. A species of about 200 million years old of which there are only a few left in the wild. At the California Sea Lions you will discover how the animals adapt to the colder waters in winter. You can warm up with a snack or drink that you can pick up at one of the winter catering establishments. The menu includes homemade vegetarian soups, freshly baked pretzels, waffles and hot drinks.

Plan your visit and discount Micropia

You can experience a safe day out within the rules of the other half-meter society during Winter at ARTIS. Tickets for ARTIS can only be purchased via the ARTIS website. Winter at ARTIS can be visited with a regular ticket. Admission for ARTIS members is free. Booking a start time in advance is mandatory. A contribution of €4.95 is charged for the do-book. The do-book is for sale in the ARTIS store and online when booking the ticket. The Winter at ARTIS-app is free to download from 1 December for both iOS and Android phones. The app is available in Dutch and English. With the discount code 'MICROPIAWINTER' you get a 50% discount on a visit to ARTIS-Micropia.

Adjusted opening hours 

You can visit Winter at ARTIS from Tuesday 1 December to Saturday 27 February. During the week ARTIS is open until 5 pm . During the Christmas vacations and in the weekends the park remains open until 7 pm. On the first and second Christmas day (25 and 26 December) the park closes at 5 pm. On 31 December, the ARTIS-Park closes at 4 pm. On January 1st, the park opens at 10 am.