ARTIS presents Claudius Schulze exhibition ‘State of Nature’ in the Aquarium

– Jan. 31, 2018

German photographer puts contemporary spotlight on nature.

Starting today, ARTIS is showcasing photographer Claudius Schulze, whose exhibition 'State of Nature' is on view at the ARTIS Aquarium. ARTIS and Schulze have joined forces to spark a discussion about how humans experience and treat nature. A German native, Claudius Schulze has travelled throughout Europe to photograph its landscapes. Each picture reveals the human impact on those landscapes, from an emerging cable car to paved sand dunes. Ultimately, the exhibition aims to get ARTIS visitors thinking about the human influence on the natural world. 


German photographer puts contemporary spotlight on nature. Photo ARTIS, Claudius Schulze

Modern wildlife photography

Dykes, dams and snow fences: even in the most remote wildernesses, humans are always trying to tame the forces of nature. Where most people prefer to take snapshots of pristine vistas, Schulze makes a habit of doing the exact opposite, photographing landscapes replete with human influences. Schulze's accessible aesthetic shows a world in transition and confronts viewers with the question: Are humans a part of nature? And is there still such a thing as true wilderness? 


This show is on view in the exhibition room of the ARTIS Aquarium until spring 2019. The Aquarium is accessible during normal ARTIS opening hours with an ARTIS admission ticket. Visit for information about opening hours and prices. 

Schulze's book State of Nature is on sale at the ARTIS shop from Thursday 1 February.