zookeeper talks

If you’re wondering how much the giant tortoise weighs or what butterfly species dwell in the Butterfly Pavilion, the zookeepers are available every day to tell you about the various species, how they live, what they eat and where they come from. At several locations in Artis, you will be able to watch the animals & their keepers during their daily routine. For the exact times, check the daily programme, available from the Visitor Information Centre. All zookeepers talks are in Dutch, but questions can be asked in English.


Look at the vulture’s huge wings and watch as they easily pick the cadavers clean.


At the bottom of the Butterfly Pavilion, come and watch the first flight of butterflies that have just emerged from their chrysalises and discover the most unusual varieties.

red ruffed lemurs

Stand among the lemurs with the keeper and see them coming out of the treetops to eat.


Come and watch the lions being fed and see them tear off great hunks of meat.

giant tortoises

Come to the giant tortoise training course to learn how old they can get and to feel the structure of their shell.

sea lions

Come and watch the sea lions being trained and learn more about their unusual swimming techniques.


Come watch dozens of African penguins crowd around during feeding time.


Come and watch the special training and learn how elephants use their trunks.


Learn how giraffes share the Savannah with zebras, ostriches, gnus and springboks.

Japanese macaques

Come to the Monkey Island, where you can watch the macaques being fed and see how the hierarchy in the group works.

in the heart of Amsterdam

Artis ligt in het hart van Amsterdam aan de Plantage Kerklaan 38-40. Artis beschikt over een eigen parkeerterrein en is ook goed bereikbaar per openbaar vervoer.

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