the Academy

Artis Academy (Artis Academie) organises activities such as lectures, courses and classes. These activities are designed to encourage both adults and children to have a sense of wonder about nature and increase their knowledge of nature. In addition, Artis Ateliers offers drawing, sculpture and painting classes (taught on the Artis grounds) for adults and children. 

Natura Artis Magistra has been the official name of Artis Royal Zoo since its establishment in 1838. By adopting this motto, the founders of Artis expressed their firm conviction that ‘nature is the teacher of art and science’. This motto laid the foundation for the various activities that made Artis the knowledge garden it has become. Designing a park and its architecture, collecting animals and plants, founding a library and a museum, conducting research, and inviting artists to sculpt and paint from nature: all these activities constituted a coherent ideal. Amazement and study were natural extensions of each other. 

In its capacity as a national institution, Artis aims to remain a knowledge garden. It seeks to encourage and intensify amazement about nature and study of its natural wonders. The Artis Academy was founded to pursue that goal. 

The Artis Academy aims to supplement the standard education provided by schools, helping visitors find accessible and pleasant ways to learn more about how nature is still a teacher of art and science. 

increased insight

The Artis Academy is a collective name used to refer to a diverse range of special activities. What they all have in common is that they offer a broader scope and more in-depth information to adults and children, policy-makers and companies, with the aim of increasing both knowledge and insight. Now more than ever, in a time when the significance of nature must play a key role in our culture and our society in order to ensure quality of life. A clear understanding of the interconnectedness of nature, culture and the economy is vitally important. In this context, the Artis Academy organises lectures, courses and seminars in cooperation with Artis Professor Erik de Jong.

in the heart of Amsterdam

Artis ligt in het hart van Amsterdam aan de Plantage Kerklaan 38-40. Artis beschikt over een eigen parkeerterrein en is ook goed bereikbaar per openbaar vervoer.

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